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Follow along as I share my endless adventures as a foster for my local county dog shelter. I get fosters in on a regular basis, so sit back and enjoy as I share many cute puppy photos and stories of the broken and scarred being restored and healed. Fostering is both rewarding and fulfilling, heartbreaking and heartwarming. It is truly an experience like no other.




Good Day

The adoption event went great today! 4 of the pups were adopted into lovely homes, and we sold almost every baked good we brought! For being such a small event with little advertising and not much warning, it went amazing, it was well received. Also while there I got to see my previous foster pup from Allie’s litter, Fiona! She was so happy and sweet, it was such a special moment for me.

Peach and Olive are the two who didn’t find homes today, but Olive already has someone interested who wasn’t able to make it to the event, and Peach will be posted so I am sure they will both be adopted out quickly. To tell the truth, I don’t mind having these two a bit longer Needless to say, they are completely exhausted after the event.


Final Photo

The last photo taken all together, right before I took Rush, now Charlie to his family yesterday afternoon. Made me emotional as I watched him play with his siblings for the last time, and the moment I held him for the last time before handing him off to his new owner; while from my standpoint is was sad, from his it is just another step, in a few days he won’t even remember the past, dogs live in the moment.

He is doing very well in his new home so far and his new family loves him so much! Getting them into loving homes, and seeing how happy they are always helps make up for the pain of seeing them leave.


Happy 10 Weeks Old!

The time has come once again, the last weekly photos for this litter. Cannot believe how fast 6 weeks has gone by, and how quickly these babies have grown! From barely 3lbs all the way up to 8 for the smallest and 12 for the largest. The thin, tiny, sickly little ones I first picked up are long gone, and in it’s place are healthy, happy puppies! We have been through a lot together, from arriving with a horrible staph infection, to coming down with a viral infection that took a toll on their bodies, it has been a challenge, but worth every moment to see them now. They all have fully recovered from the viral issues and are a nice healthy weight once again. Rush, (soon to be Charlie) goes home to his family today, and the rest will likely all go home on Saturday at the adoption event.


King of the Hill… Kind of 😂

Don’t know how he managed, but Rush climbed up the slide then sat on top ever so pleased with himself! It was the funniest thing watching him look down on his siblings like he owned the world

100_0090Don’t know how he managed, but Rush climbed up the slide then sat on top ever so pleased with himself! It was the funniest thing watching him look down on his siblings like he owned the world


How cute are these faces? It’s been raining here nonstop since Friday night, and it’s made for some very sleepy pups, thank goodness I guess since we can’t get outside too much. Lots of play time around the house though which they love. All is going well with them, and I will be taking the whole litter to an adoption event on the 15th, well except for Rush, he will likely be going home to his new family this Wednesday. This litter will soon be leaving, but I have a little surprise coming in right behind them, so stayed tuned for that 😉