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Follow along as I share my endless adventures as a foster for my local county dog shelter. I get fosters in on a regular basis, so sit back and enjoy as I share many cute puppy photos and stories of the broken and scarred being restored and healed. Fostering is both rewarding and fulfilling, heartbreaking and heartwarming. It is truly an experience like no other.




Unfortunate News… 😢

It become evident from the day we brought Nova home that she had fear issues, however this is something I have dealt with before, so we expected no problems helping her through it. Sadly, things have not gone well today.

Yesterday, she tried to attack one of the cats, only me pulling her back just in time saved things from turning ugly, but she did manage to pull out some of his fur with her teeth. This was concerning, but I figured she’s new, and it can be managed. Then today happened; had her outside on a aerial runner line, then the stray kitten that hangs around my place wandered into her reach, (I did not notice this until it was too late) she and I were on the other side of the yard, and the cat was sitting completely still, so there was no reason, however she took off before I could react, went in to bite and flipped the cat into the air, thankfully that action sent the cat out of her reach, the only thing that saved the cat from being ripped to shreds in my opinion, (the cat seems to be fine). Then, a little later in the day, I had taken her out to potty and my neighbor’s dog, who runs loose, and wouldn’t hurt a fly, comes over, Nova had seen, and been with her on three different occasions before and had acted completely normal. Anne, (the neighbor’s dog) walks up and submissively crouches down in front of Nova, holding completely still, doing nothing what so ever, Nova comes over, sniffs her for a second, and attacks, the only warning I had was her lifting her lip a split second before the attack, but I wasn’t able to react, she did some major damage to poor Anne, and I am sure would have killed her if I hadn’t pulled her off long enough for Anne to run away from her; even during the attack, Anne did nothing to defend herself, just tried to run away. Nova had been getting worse with her chasing and worrying behavior since we brought her home, and that had only been four days! With such dangerous behavior, and three indoor cats, I simply could not take the chance of her killing one of them, or worse yet, turning on us, especially after the pups were born. She has been removed from my home and is back at the shelter I foster for, from here she will likely be placed with a rescue group who can isolate her from everything to hopefully keep something or someone from getting killed. I am extremely upset over this whole thing, and feel as if I have failed her, but I simply could not take the chance on her hurting people. Forgive me for the rant, and I am sorry you guys have to be part of this whole thing!

Nova: Settling In!

Did well overnight. She is very sweet and silly so far, she loves to attack everyone with kisses! She is still very much in the settling in stage, she paces around the house, then after she is tried, goes back to sleep. She has been going out to potty consistently, and seems to be signaling at the door each time, so far so good! I swear her belly gets bigger every time I look at it, can’t wait until I can feel puppies kick!

Only problem I have noticed with her so far is she seems to have some reactivity when penned up, last night after being put to bed in her whelping area, one of the cats wondered into the room where it’s setup and it set her off, barking, lunging, etc. And this morning when she was out in the run going potty, she went off when she saw another cat in the backyard. Though she reacted to cats, I am sure she would do the same thing if she saw a dog. Thankfully she doesn’t seem to care about the cats when she is walking around the house, but she is still on leash constantly when out in the house near them.

And just to give you an idea of how much she has grown, here is a photo of her taken when she first arrived into the pound, and one just taken today, these were taken only two weeks apart! The baby bump is growing fast.

BeFunky Collage

Meet Nova!

Meet, Nova! Our sixth, and latest pregnant foster! Don’t have much history on her, what we do know though is that her original owner dumped her off on a relative, who was unable to keep her, and from there the pound was called. We suspected she was pregnant when she first came in, and we have no doubt anymore, she is getting big in a hurry.

So far she is an incredibly sweet girl, and very much a kisser! She is playful and inquisitive, and is very much still in the exploring stage, having to check out every part of the house. We believe she is about 7 weeks along at the moment, so have about two weeks more before the puppies arrive.

Now, for a fun game; how many do you think she is going to have? I am saying six. Just remember, she is going to get quite a bit bigger before delivering, so size may not be a good way to guess at this stage.


Bella- Saying Goodbye

I dropped Bella off with transport yesterday, and for the first time in over three months I have an empty nest, which is much harder than I thought it would be! I honestly wasn’t overly attached to her, or the litter of six who left a short time before she did, so when a strong wave of depression hit this morning, I wasn’t quite prepared for it. Saying goodbye is extremely hard for me, and getting depressed is often what happens after each litter leaves. The constancy of our routine together, the love and joy they bring to me each day, all of this leaves me feeling empty and alone, the house is always too quiet, and I have way too much free time. While I do return to normal after a short time, those first few days are hard; which is why, as strange as it may seem, I am glad there is always a million things to clean and pick up after a litter leaves, it keeps me busy and helps fill the void they leave.

While personal, I felt the need to share this with everyone, to show a bit into the deeper aspect of fostering, it is not all fun and puppy kisses, it is hard, dirty work and often emotionally taxing. At the end of the day though, I love what I do and wouldn’t change it for the world!

Goodbye little darling, I know you will find your perfect home!

Bella 11;14;17