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Follow along as I share my endless adventures as a foster in the world of animal rescue. I get fosters in on a regular basis, so sit back and enjoy as I share many cute puppy photos and stories of the broken and scarred being restored and healed. Fostering is both rewarding and fulfilling, heartbreaking and heartwarming. It is truly an experience like no other.




9 Weeks

Happy 9 weeks old! The last weekly photos for this family, also included one of Luna

Pretty Luna. Now that she is dried up and back to normal, she weighs 60lbs.


Rigel: 13lbs


Altair: 11lbs


Juliet: 13.4lbs


Rocket: 13.8lbs


Orion: 12.4lbs


Mars: 14.4lbs


Leo: 13.8lbs


Cosmo: 13.3lbs


Pandora: 12.1lbs


Comet: 13.5lbs


Lyra: 11.4lbs


Halo: 11.7lbs


8 Weeks Old

Sorry for being a lot MIA, a lot’s been going on and I just haven’t had the time to do much updating. Pups and Luna are doing great! Luna got spayed on Thursday, and will be going to her new home when all the pups do.

Happy 8 weeks old! It’s crazy to think this is the second to last photos of all these guys, they go home in a little bit over a week. They have grown from little babies into big huge, hyper puppies!


Altair: 8.9lbs


Comet: 11.1lbs


Comso: 10.10lbs His sister Juliet decided to jump up while I was taking his, and I figured who cares because the photo’s cute, lolCosmo

Halo: 8.12lbs Just like his mom, he needs to give you his pawHalo

Juliet: 10.9lbs


Leo: 10.1lbs


Lyra: 9lbs


Mars: 11.6lbs


Orion: 9.11lbs


Pandora: 9.9lbs


Rigel: 10.1lbs


Rocket: 11.5lbs


It’s been some time since an actual update on the babies, so here we are! I have been focusing almost all my time on working with them rather than taking photos or doing posts, which is why they have been a bit less frequent with this litter. Between the number of pups, and all the catching up they have needed having not been raised, it’s been quite time consuming.

They are fully weaned now, having cut off a few days ago and after settling down, have been doing great with it. Luna is happy to be retired from mom duties and able to spend her time migrating from one dog bed to the other, lol. They have thankfully come out of the faze they were in, so sanity has been restored for all. They are growing so big and fast, it’s crazy! 7 out of the litter are already adopted, the rest have apps in, and Luna too has a very promising app, so good chance all will be adopted shortly.

Their crate introductions have improved greatly since I first got them. Since they were kept locked in a crate, a negative association was built from the very beginning sadly, and this created panic and screaming if locked in even for a second longer than they wanted. Since that time, they have become more patient with waiting to be let out, learning to look to me and sit quietly instead of crying. They also run in happily each feeding time and wait in there, knowing their food is coming. It’s been a chore to rebuild from a hardwired negative association, to a positive one, but we are making progress.

Their leash and harness training is coming along amazing, they walk so well now on both collar and harness, and enjoy their little outings, unfazed by traffic and the normal happenings that surround them. They are finally starting to gain an interest in adventuring rather than just sitting in one place, they have been exposed to so much more and are learning that there’s much more to see beyond, and that it’s not something to be afraid of.

They are so sweet and friendly now, and have been getting a lot of people coming over to visit, reacting well to everyone! They have also been meeting other dogs and being introduced to cats, all of which while cautious, they are doing well with. While they still have fear issues in certain areas, and can be slower to warm up to things, they improve so much everyday and are super smart pups!

6 Weeks

Happy 6 Weeks old to these babies! 😍

Altair, 5.2lbs: He has such a fun, feisty personality! He’s the smallest of the litter, but what he lacks in size he totally makes up for in spunk! He is fun, highly playful, and ready to take on anything! He’s vocal when playing, and zoomies and running around wild are a regular happening. Once his energy burns down, he loves to sleep on a lap and cuddle.


Comet, 7lbs: He has a wonderful personality, being very chill and easy going with just a touch of energy. He is very much a go with the flow kind of pup, enjoying whatever is going on, whether that be playing chase with his siblings, or chilling on the couch. Very little fazes him, and while he for sure has energy to go places and can be talkative, he is quite content to hang out and relax. He has wonderful focus and is eager to please and learn!


Cosmo, 6.11lbs: He is one of the more independent pups, and loves to explore! He likes to do his own thing and has have a great enjoyment of getting out for adventures and seeing the world. He has a higher energy, loving to play with his siblings or whatever toy is closest. He enjoys people and one of his favorites of all time is belly rubs!


Halo, 5.9lbs: He resembles his mom in both temperament and looks. He loves people, and is instant wiggles and kisses the moment he sees you! He has a mid level energy, easily adjusting to whatever is going on in his environment. He enjoys playing with toys and his siblings, and cuddling on laps. Once his energy is gone, he is ready to hang out and chill wherever the people are!


Juliet, 7.2lbs: She’s such a pretty, good girl! She loves people and giving all the kisses, along with belly rubs. She is playful and silly, with energy but also has a wonderful ability to control it and adjust should she find herself in a position where being hyper can’t happen. She has a wonderfully well rounded, pleasing nature and a kind soul.


Leo, 6.5lbs: Goofy and outgoing, with a lower energy level most moments. He is such a good boy! Going with the flow like so many of his siblings. He is playful and enjoys any toy he can carry around in his mouth. He enjoys his cuddle time and following your every step.


Lyra, 5.14lbs: She is the life of the party! Bold, adventurous, and outgoing, She has a zest for life and such a goofy, happy way of going about everything! Due to her personality, she has the highest energy of the litter, though I wouldn’t say she is truly hyper, just that she does have energy. She loves people, and is ready at all times to cover the nearest person in kisses and wiggle at everyone!


Mars, 7.5lbs: Biggest boy, and such a goof! He is the most vocal of the litter, loving to talk to everyone with such a funny voice. He is playful, ready to go places and enjoying running around with his siblings. He does have a more mature nature though which often finds him watching the action, ready to step in at the right moment rather than just bounce around mindlessly. He has great focus on people and is a easy one to teach new things.


Orion, 5.14lbs: He is a quiet boy, with a goofy side. Most times he is very gentle and often the most quiet pup of the litter, he loves to sit beside you and chill, soaking up all the love there is, all the more so if there’s belly rubs involved! Then there’s his goofy side, which is full of playful energy and silly faces, that lasts for just a bit, then he is ready for a nap or some cuddle time!


Pandora, 5.13lbs: I adore her personality and pretty looks! She is a gentle, kind soul who is very much a people pup! She loves to be where you are, cuddling and giving kisses, or just following you around. She enjoys playing and exploring, but for sure has a lower energy level and loves to just hang out and chill. Being the loving pup she is, she wants to please and learn very quickly!


Rigel, 6.1lbs: He is one of the smallest pups of the litter, and is sweet and gentle, with a wild side! Most times he has lower energy, one of the first to go down for a nap. He adores being held and cuddled and sleeping on a lap. Then there’s times when his gentle side gives way to his wild side, which is full of zoomies, chasing his siblings around, and playing like crazy with every toy in sight! He’s an absolute sweetheart with a face that is irresistible!


Rocket, 7.3lbs: He is one of my favorites due to his sweet, goofy nature. He’s a complete wiggle butt the second he sees you and loves giving kisses. He has a nice mid level energy, happy to chill or go explore. He loves to talk, and has a silly side to him full of tripping over his own feet and getting zoomie. For the most part he is often quite chill and relaxed in nature, going with the flow.