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Follow along as I share my endless adventures as a foster in the world of animal rescue. I get fosters in on a regular basis, so sit back and enjoy as I share many cute puppy photos and stories of the broken and scarred being restored and healed. Fostering is both rewarding and fulfilling, heartbreaking and heartwarming. It is truly an experience like no other.





Another weekly photoshoot, and they are 8 weeks old! The first baby goes home Sunday, and the rest head to their families the following week. Spay and neuter appointments are scheduled, and puppy packs are finished. 5 are already adopted, and the other 4 have great apps in, some of which will likely be finalized today. This litter will soon be off to the next step in their journey, and I will be ready to take on another in need.

Bear, 8.4lbs


Conrad, 9.2lbs


Dixon, 9.4lbs


Drea, 8.2lbs


Karli, 7lbs


Lori, 7.11lbs. So tired and would not look cute to save her life, lol.


Riley, 7.12lbs


Tora, 9.3lbs


Zeke, 9.9lbs


Nail Trimming

Check out Karli totally photobombing! 😂 Let’s talk nail trimming. I feel like this is something that is often missed, especially in puppies. I have yet to get even one litter I didn’t raise from birth that actually had their nails trimmed, all were extremely overgrown, and it makes me cringe every time I see it, because not only can that very quickly become painful for them (think about how it would feel for a human to be resting all your weight on your finger nails), but it can effect their feet quite a bit. The two new ones I got last week, compared to the rest of their siblings who have been kept up with since I brought them home, had extremely flat, splayed and unhealthy looking feet, however about a week after their nails were being kept up with, they are now looking much better, the paws are tighter looking, and they are no longer walking funny like they were before.

Trimming all the nails, including the dew claw is extremely important for their comfort and health, and starting young is key to having adults that have no issues with nail trimming. I see more than I would like to of adult dogs who are either terrified, or simply don’t know how to hold still. This, along with what’s already been mentioned are why I trim nails weekly from birth to leaving, it’s easy, only takes a few minutes, and prevents them from being in pain.

For young ones, I use a regular pair of human nail trimmers, and with pups it’s easy to tell where their nails need trimmed by the way they “hook” at the end when it’s too long, the part where it becomes thinner than the rest of the nail; the upper part that fills out back to the foot is where the quick is and what you want to avoid. I train them young, starting when they are sleeping, to lay on their back in my lap and allow me to trim, and now even when not completely tired, they settle and fall asleep easily. With puppies, the secret is doing it while they are tired, or asleep and continuing this weekly, or close to it, from a young age and throughout their life.


A Update

Photo time from today, and an update! It’s been just under a week since I first brought the “new” siblings home, and what a change that short amount of time has! Structure, proper training, and lots of love and attention do so much good!

They no longer hard bite, and are quickly learning as the rest of their siblings have that biting is not okay, and there is very little biting at all anymore. They no longer chase feet, and learned quick that only polite quiet behavior gets them the attention they seek. They are doing so much better with attention work, looking to me and following me around like all their siblings do. The aloof, unfocused behavior is no more, they love people and always look to me for guidance. They are doing better on leash each day, and learning that crates are positive things, slowly working here as due to their past and I believe probably being locked in one a lot, they tend to whine and panic when confined. They have gotten to the point now however where they are able to be in a crate for a few seconds while waiting for their food, and be calm about it, so doing well.

Having so many siblings around has done them a world of good in so many ways, and one of those is the play category; appropriate correction has been handed out to them by their siblings for their out of control behavior, and pushing too far when playing, which has settled them right down and they now respect when someone gives them a warning that they are done. Their overbearing behavior I feel was mostly caused by lack of proper attention and exercise, because a couple days in, they quickly begin to calm down and settle. Along those lines, they have also learned a great shutoff like all their siblings, it was tough for them at first as they would run until they would drop, but now when they are tired, they happily go to sleep wherever they are without me having to confine for them to shutoff when tired. They still stick together a bit, but are much less attached and are happy to spend time away from each other, this has made the fighting between them almost nonexistent thankfully.

As for all the other seven, they couldn’t be doing better! Their training is amazing, they are mannerly, sweet babies. They are perfect on leash, love to get out and about to see the world, are doing great with their crate introductions, being able to wait calmly in a crate with the door closed at each meal time, and loving to sleep in the open one in their area.


Big Day

Passed out 😴 These babies had a fun morning meeting new people. The families of Lori and Tora came for a visit today, fun had by all and such awesome people! So excited for the lives these puppies have ahead of them! Conrad also has a family lined up now, and they will be flying in to pick him up. Time passes quickly, just two more weeks or so most likely and they will be off to their own homes. It’s just crazy to me how fast it goes. They are completely worn up from their visitors this morning, and will likely sleep for another couple hours.

IMG_7109 2

Weekly Photos

Another set of weekly photos, and the babies are now close as we can figure, 7 weeks old today. They are huge, gorgeous, sweet, intelligent puppies! Lori and Tora have families lined up, and both Conrad and Riley have apps that look extremely promising. Everyone else is still looking for their perfect families. All are doing so well, and the new ones have come far in just a couple days!

Bear, 6.5lbs


Conrad, 7lbs. Could not love this boy more! Conrad

Dixon, 6.8lbs


Drea, 5.13lbsDrea

Karli, 5.10lbs: She is the life of the party! Bold, boisterous, and outgoing. She loves to play endlessly, and has a zest for life that makes her such a joy to watch and be around! She is bold and ready to adventure, and due to this energetic nature has the highest energy of the litter. Outgoing and people loving, she is ready to cover the nearest person in kisses and wiggle at everyone. She loves to be vocal when playing and honestly thinks she is twice her size, ready to take on anything!Karli

Lori, 5.6lbs


Riley, 5.11lbsRiley

Tora, 7.2lbs


Zeke, 7.5lbs. He is huge, and a giant love bug! Friendly, playful, and goofy. He is all tail wags at the sight of anyone and one of his favorite things in life is giving endless kisses! Despite the fact that he is the biggest, he loves to cuddle on laps and do everything you are doing. he has medium level energy, loving to play and run, but also be calmer and cuddle. he has a wonderful, goofy nature that has me laughing all the time. He loves to please and is willing to learn whatever you want as long as he gets some pets and praise from his people!Zeke