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Follow along as I share my endless adventures as a foster in the world of animal rescue. I get fosters in on a regular basis, so sit back and enjoy as I share many cute puppy photos and stories of the broken and scarred being restored and healed. Fostering is both rewarding and fulfilling, heartbreaking and heartwarming. It is truly an experience like no other.




6 Weeks Old

Happy 6 Weeks Old! Personalities continue to shape, leash and harness training goes well, they love their daily stroller rides, doing great in the car, and just in general loving to learn! Fearless, feisty, and so much fun are these pretty pups. Even at 6 weeks old they are sleeping a lot, on a normal day about 4-5 hours straight at a time, then awake for 30mins to an hour and repeat. The biggest overall pup, and biggest girl is miss chunk Gypsy, biggest boy is Jasper, and smallest pup is tied between Ionna and Thea as they are both the same weight currently.

All of the pups now have apps for adoption in, and so far as long as nothing changes, Ionna, Ivan, & Thea are confirmed adopted, then the rest all have very promising apps currently in the works. As expected, there was a flood in for all of them and unless someone were to back out, all will have homes lined up long before they are ready to leave.

PS: I feel like some of these photos aren’t the best, had one heck of a time getting them, from extreme hyper and not holding still, to super tired cranky pups, it took me forever to get any at all, lol. Sometimes you just gotta go with what you can get, and this was one of those times I feel.

Daryn, 4.11lbs: Still a low energy guy, very relaxed and easy going. The latest change, or more correctly growing in his personality is he gets sweeter by the day! His little tail wags like crazy and he just gets so excited every time he sees someone, he is taking his people friendliness from fairly calm, to full on wiggles all over the place. He is such a sweet, kind puppy.


Gypsy, 5.5lbs: Still the most independent in nature, and least vocal, she rarely makes a sound. She is becoming more energetic as she grows, but will never be hyper by any means. She adores belly rubs and being cuddled. Still very determined when she wants something, using her larger self to move her siblings out of the way, lol


Ionna, 3.1lbs: Not much change to this girl’s personality besides getting all the more feisty and fearless with age, she just the most adorable thing with those short little legs and sassy nature! She loves to talk, tell her siblings where to go should they try and sass her, and get lots of zoomies all over the house. She is so much fun to watch and be around, personality plus!


Ivan, 3.6lbs: Sweeter by the day this boy is, he wants to give kisses and cuddles every moment, if he cannot do this, he will work until he is firmly in your lap or arms and being cooed over, baby talk is his favorite thing, and boy he gets no shortage of that, lol! Still playful and adventurous, but lower energy and loving more than anything to be with people.


Jasper, 4.15lbs: He is such a good, happy boy! He is becoming less aloof acting with age, and most often is now found in a lap or right beside you for some pets. He has a wonderfully even, easy going, unaffected by the world nature.


Thea, 3.1lbs: She becomes more sassy as she gets older, and what a talker she is! She loves to vocalize, and is the most noisy when playing, but otherwise a quiet girl the rest of the time. Very playful, very sweet, and after a good long play, loves to be held and cuddled. It’s funny to watch her tiny little self chase her siblings all over the place, barking and growling, thinking she’s one tough dog.


Zane, 4.13lbs: Goofy, clean through. He is such a hyper, goofy, rowdy boy! His personality continues to be strong and bold, he is the first to get into anything new, always leading the charge. Playful to no end, and ready to run at all times. He is quite a handful when he gets all sassy pants on you, but listens well to direction from someone he respects.



A lot has changed since the last general update. Firstly, their potty training is going amazing, they potty in the right spot 99% of the time, and since opening the dog door, they are preferring to go outside to potty. I have watched them so many times run outside even from playing around in the kitchen, and just the other day I had them out running the rest of the house as I do daily with them, and not one accident in over 30mins of playtime! They were so good and waited until they got back into their area for nap time before going. They still do have the occasional accident when out playing in the kitchen, but this is getting fewer every day. Their paper has been moved all the way back to the other side of the room, and soon, once they are getting outside a bit better, paper will be removed completely.

As can be seen in several of these photos, their sit and eye contact is coming along well, they are offering a sit more and more, and it’s all the more reinforced by me only offering attention when four feet are on the ground. Small dog or big dog, jumping should never be taught or allowed, as a jumping dog is simply unpleasant and only encourages out of control behavior. Sit and eye contact works to replace the jumping behavior that comes naturally to a pup, and builds a strong instinct and desire to communicate and seek guidance from humans. Sit and eye contact is invaluable in so many instances, and has been a game changer for me since I started doing it a few years back with my foster babies.

5 weeks old brought the next step in their crate introduction, being fed in a crate. The first few days I left the doors open while they ate, now it’s closed while they eat. I watch close and open the door as soon as they are done, once a bit further along in their crate work, I will start waiting a few seconds before opening the door and rewarding for quiet behavior, they will also start learning the release word “okay” before exiting the crate. For the moment the food is still being placed into the crate before they get there, teaching them to run into their crates by themselves, once advanced enough with this, they will start being asked to run into the crate, then door will be closed, and food prepared before being put in with them a few seconds later. They are rewarded for calm, quiet behavior and sitting and giving me eye contact when wanting out.

Now that they are up and around, barrier work has started fully. They are learning to wait until given the release word before exiting doors and gates, this keeps them from ending up as door bolters, and helps build a strong foundation of respect and discipline from an early age.

Now that I have updated you on their training, here’s some photos! The first three are showing what I was talking about above, the rest, well they are just adorable! Enjoy!

The current setup


Feeding time and setupIMG_5299

Sit and eye contact, waiting to get out to play

IMG_5249IMG_5287IMG_5275IMG_5241IMG_5158IMG_5167IMG_5213IMG_5217 copyIMG_5226IMG_5309IMG_5305

Some Days Aren’t Easy

Some days it’s easy, others it’s not, and the last couple days have been hard. While I like to keep things positive with my posts, and hate talking about the negative, I feel keeping it real is important too. Though I never talked about it here, from the first few days I had Dora, it become clear she had extreme issues with being confined, and in just the first couple weeks she was here, she ripped into a wall, chewed through the wire on the puppy room’s gate, bent crate bars, and escaped playpens. Once the pups came, I made it work by allowing her to have run of the kitchen that connects to the puppy room, and things settled down for a time. Once weaning hit and she could no longer be with them, the problems returned, all the more so sadly. She was no longer happy having the kitchen, she begin trying to escape, so crating became the only option, and as much as I tried to introduce and condition, (something that has always worked with every momma before her), Dora hated being crated, and within a couple days was so anxious she was flipping the whole crate over, moving it 2-3ft across the floor, and had ripped up a small piece of flooring in the kitchen trying to escape. She was horribly stressed every single night, and it continued to only get worse. The damage she was doing to the house, and the incurable stress it was putting her through was just too much, and I made the hard decision, she had to be placed somewhere else, this simply could not go on, it wasn’t fair to either of us. Monday she was moved to another foster. The feeling of failing her has been hard to deal with, it’s awful having to admit I simply wasn’t able to provide what she needed anymore, but as hard as it was to say goodbye, I felt it was the only thing I could do, and I care too much about her to let me personal feelings stand in the way of what is best for her well being. This is reality folks, fostering and rescue is not always easy, sometimes it’s making heart wrenching decisions for the greater good of the pet in your care.


5 Weeks Old

Happy 5 Weeks Old! Did this week’s theme in honor of Father’s Day. This is probably going to be longer post, so bear with me. The pups have had a lot going on this past week! First time outside, first bath, first car ride, first time out in the stroller… it’s been a week full of adventure! I am so proud of them, they are by far the most fearless puppies I have had, and so spunky! Probably all explained by the jack russell, lol! They are going to be giving me a major run for my money here in a couple weeks, that I can tell you!

They got their first car ride shortly after turning 4 weeks, it’s something new I have started with my litters, and plan to make it a weekly little outing for them as long as I have them so they are used to riding. They did amazing on their first ride, most of them just slept through it, or asked for belly rubs.

They were great for their first bath, being so small I held them with one hand, and washed with the other, some even being so calm as to fall asleep during, so I think I would call that a success! They get their next bath today, so will see how that goes.

They did great on their first stroller ride, a couple were a bit fussy because they wanted to get out and explore around, but couldn’t, but by the end of the ride, they were just chilling, enjoying all the smells and sights, this I plan to make a once or twice daily thing for them, along with their regular leashed walks which will start soon.

This week will begin leash, harness, and the next stage of their crate training, along with playtime out in the front yard in a playpen, and some time out in the big part of the back yard. Sound and item introduction continues daily, and they do so well with it all, they don’t react at all to the vacuum, love having the hair dryer blown on them, and every new item, from bubble wrap to a mirror, they love and take to instantly! Every every new experience has their tails wagging and them running fearless around.

Potty training is going well, something finally clicked and they are hitting the paper 99% of the time now, so the time has come for the next stage, and that’s to move the paper slowly each day back away from their bedding, teaching them to hold it rather than just walk a few steps and go.

They are don nursing as of today. They finally caught on to drinking water well, and are eating fantastically!

Dora is doing great, she gains more confidence all the time, and is now happily going for walks all the way around town, is doing so well with noises, no longer reacting in fear to hearing kids playing, or loud vehicles going by on the road, she has really settled down so much with everything and it’s wonderful to see! slowly, but surely she gains more trust of the world around her and sees it’s not so scary.

Dora has a couple apps in, and the puppies are going to be listed next week so apps can be processed and homes lined up for when they are ready. Dora finished nursing today, so from here she will be allowed to dry up, then get spayed and be adopted. The pups will spayed and neutered after their 9 week vaccines, and from there will be off to their new homes as well.


Dora copy

Daryn: 3.15lbs

Daryn copy

Gypsy: 4.9lbs


Ionna: 2.10lbsIonna

Ivan: 2.12lbs


Jasper: 4.2lbsJasper

Thea: 2.11lbs


Zane: 4lbs