Fun Friday- New Style Update

A while back I posted about a new style of braided T-Shirt toy and after being used daily by my latest litter for two months, the report on which is better is in!

By far, the four strand held up a hundred times better than the normal three strand, and I also found the puppies favored the four over the three, my guess would be the thickness of the four was better on their teeth. Without a doubt the four strand is the winner and from now on I will continue making all my rope toys this way, it takes a bit longer to braid, but it is well worth the time put in.




Author: lovemyfosters

Sharing my adventures as a canine foster, puppy raiser, and all around dog lover. I hope to provide support for those who are part of the wonderful world of dog fostering, as well as an enjoyable place for dog lovers. Whether you are just starting out, or you have been doing it for years, I hope my blog will be both an inspiration and a joy.

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