Internet Outage… Again

I apologize for the lack of posting, just got my internet fixed after a week and a half of it being down, very thankful to have it back!

Still waiting for new foster(s), everything has been pretty quiet as of late which is great for my shelter, but generally is just the calm before the storm, we generally get busy around July-August, so we shall see what comes next.

I received another update on Denver, (now Frank) and his owner reported that he has gained 10lbs since they adopted him almost four weeks ago, he now weighs 24lbs! His owner happily reported that he did wonderfully over the Fourth of July and the sound of fireworks didn’t even faze him, he is reported to be the most fearless, chill, and well-rounded pup they have ever seen or had. He is learning everything they want to teach him quickly, and they always say he is the smartest puppy. So proud of him! ❤



Author: lovemyfosters

Sharing my adventures as a canine foster, puppy raiser, and all around dog lover. I hope to provide support for those who are part of the wonderful world of dog fostering, as well as an enjoyable place for dog lovers. Whether you are just starting out, or you have been doing it for years, I hope my blog will be both an inspiration and a joy.

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