Fun Friday- Bella & Random Thoughts

Bella has confirmed rescue, so will be leaving this upcoming Thursday, one of the litter went home today, and the other four that are left will be going to rescue tomorrow morning; what does this mean? well first it means a TON of cleaning, with a litter of six, plus a single pup, there will be more to do than normal for sure. From scrubbing mud off walls, to washing several loads of dog laundry, it generally takes me about 2-3 days to get everything fully cleaned up and put away after a litter. After all of that though, it means I am ready to take another dog/litter on! That excites me more than words could ever say, every new arrival is different and wonderful, and I cannot wait to have another litter to share with everyone!

In Bella news: Tomorrow will mark one week since she came home, and she has been doing amazing! Since yesterday she has started to signal when she needs out to potty, running to the door and looking back at me, and just last night she held it all night instead of going on her paper, waiting so she could go outside to potty, so proud of her! She is almost perfect, house training quickly, loves her crate, quiet all night and whenever in her pen, sweet, active, and very smart. She’s an amazing little puppy!



Fun Friday- New Gate

How awesome is my new puppy gate!? Been using everything from playpens to large pieces of cardboard to keep the pups in the kitchen during playtime, but they just weren’t holding up, so we went with a stronger and more permanent solution. I am loving this gate, so much easier to use and is working great, especially for larger puppies!

Front of the door that faces out into the rest of the house.
And the back, with a protective cover to prevent the wood from getting scratched up or chewed.

Fun Friday- Finally Got The Photo, & Story Time!

Finally! All sitting at once and all looking up. These puppies are just so hyper that getting all of them sitting, looking, and waiting for me to take the photo is near impossible, but we did it! So glad it finally worked out, I was starting to think I wouldn’t be able to get one. Hard to believe my puppies will likely all leave in just eight days, time goes by way too fast!

And the interesting story of the day, life is never boring when you raise puppies, lol. Fair warning, this part is gross, so if you don’t want to read it, skip straight to the photo! I was out in their potty run cleaning when I noticed something unusual in the poop I was cleaning up, looking closer I found a completely intact squeaker! Yes, one of the puppies somehow managed to eat a plastic squeaker, and then somehow managed to pass it through their body to have it come out the other end! I always watch them when they are playing with their toys and they are never allowed to have toys with squeakers in their area, but somehow one of the little rascals chewed one out of a toy. Needless to say, no more squeaker toys for these puppies! Just glad it passed through and didn’t cause problems, could have turned out badly. You do your best to guard against every possible problem, but every once in awhile, something sneaks past you!

Fun Friday- Proud Moments!

Loud noises do not faze these puppies! I couldn’t be more proud of them, it’s just awesome to watch them explore and embrace every new thing with excited interest, the older they get, the more confident they are.
From the moment their ears opened, I have run the vacuum cleaner around them, and this has paid off in full, they explore and play around (and on) a very loud running vacuum cleaner like it’s nothing.
They have also heard the mower from a young age, and though it was always muffled since the mower only runs around the fence to their potty area, it has worked wonders in getting them used to, and comfortable being around one. Yesterday I had them out in the front yard playing and the lawn was being mown at the same time, the mower ran almost right by and they sat and watched with curiosity as it went by.
And earlier today, I introduced them to a hair dryer, as soon as I turned it on, they came running over to explore it, Caitie being the first to get there. Fiona couldn’t get over the feeling of the air on her and kept biting at it, it was hilarious! Below is a photo of Fiona exploring it. Don’t worry, they were completely supervised, the dryer was set on low and the temp was cool.

Fun Friday- DIY Squeaky Water Bottle Toy

A few months back I was at my local Dollar Tree when I ran across this water bottle toy, but instead of just crinkling like most, this one squeaked as well! Intrigued, I bought the toy, and after removing the bottle from it’s cover, I found that they had simply placed a squeaker reed into the cap, ingenious! The toy died pretty quickly after my last foster litter got a hold of it, but I found it to be one of their favorite toys, so with that in mind I started making my own. I hope you enjoy the tutorial below. The things one can find at the dollar store!


You will need; Water bottle, old sock or whatever you wish to use as a cover, craft knife, and a squeaker reed. The squeaker reeds can be gotten from lots of different places, I got mine off of Amazon.


Make sure you remove the label and the ring if there is one on the bottle. Take the cap off and with your knife cut a small X in the center, cut it slowly, you may have to cut several times to get it just right so the reed fits, but be careful that you don’t cut it too much! If there is a small hole on the sides after placing the reed into the cap, that is fine as it won’t affect the way it works.


Make sure you cut downward into the inside of the lid so any sharp edges won’t stick out. As soon as you have the hole big enough, place your reed into the cap. It should come out looking like this when you are done.

After you are all done, place the cap back onto the bottle, and put it into your cover. I always make sure to place the cap end into the toe of the sock as this helps protect it from getting chewed up since my pups always go after the area where I have tied the sock. And there you have it, a crinkly, squeaky water bottle! This toy is always a hit at my house due to the fact that my pups absolutely love both crinkle and squeak, so putting it into one toy really drives them crazy! As with any new toy, make sure you supervise your pet!


Fun Friday- New Plan

Photos of Bree taken 11 days apart, yep, puppies grow fast! Since I have had more than one person ask about my puppy raising methods, I will give something new a try with this litter; I have decided that whenever I post their weekly photos, I will share what I have planned for that week as far as training and socialization, then at the end of that week, I will likely do a recap of how everything went. Since I didn’t layout their first week on here, here is a recap of what has been done.

Week 1:

1. As they are born whelping collars are placed on them, this is done not so much for identification, as it is done to get them used to collars, most dogs wear collars as adults, so when one of my puppies goes to it’s new home, it is already used to wearing a collar and won’t have the irritation of having to learn how to wear one, it is a simple thing that I have found very useful for the puppies later in life.

2. The first day is simply rest time for both mom and pups, I keep handling of the pups to a minimum, this allows the mom to settle, and the pups to rest. Since I am there for each whelping and handle them the moment they arrive, it doesn’t affect anything to limit contact that first day.

3. After the first day is over, handling resumes. For the first week I focus mainly on teaching them that people mean warmth and comfort, meaning lots of gentle handling and snuggles, petting while they nurse, etc. From day one I gently handle them all over, feet, tail, ears. By the end of the first week, as my current litter has done, the puppies will often react to human scent in the same way they react to their mother’s, meaning they associate people with the same comfort their mom gives them.

4. Most interactions are kept gentle and non stressful, however I make sure that they all get stressed a little each day, as odd as it may seem, it is very important that puppies get stressed a bit. It has been proven that puppies that don’t get that stress grow up with more fearful temperaments, and are easily stressed by things later in life. I accomplish their daily stress through placing them all in a bucket for daily bedding changes, and letting them struggle a bit and figure things out on their own, such as, letting them find their way to mom instead of picking them up and moving them to her, and if one flips over on it’s back, I allow it to struggle a bit to get back up, this creates a healthy amount of stress and helps build strong muscles. Of course, should one truly need my help, I am right there.

5. After the first day they get texture introduction, done with different textured blankets/towels, it is good for them to experience this as the input helps their minds develop, along with this I also often leave small wrinkles in the bedding, this builds their leg muscles and helps prevent swimmer puppy syndrome.

6. Around day three, and one week of age they get their first nail trims, done after they have nursed and gone to sleep, I always do my best to keep nail trimming a positive thing for them as this helps greatly after they are full-grown.

11 days apart