Getting Closer

Heather is for sure getting ready, her rear has swollen up pretty much overnight, she is shedding the hair on her belly getting ready for nursing her pups, grooming her belly a ton more, and she has started laying on her back, this is done to get help get the pups lined up for delivery. Things are getting closer! Don’t know for sure of course, but I am guessing probably about a week out from delivery now, just with the signs she is showing. If she does start before going into labor, I expect her to start nesting anytime. Can’t wait to meet her beautiful little babies and begin raising another amazing litter!

2018 Apr 5 - Relaxed Pup - Day 5


Fun Friday- Saving, One At A Time

108 fosters, each dear, many still known to me as adults. Fostering has been life changing, I have grown a lot as a person, drawn closer to my loved ones, and have so much more appreciation for the world around me. When I took on my first foster just under three and a half years ago, I never would have guessed where it would all lead! Blessed does not even begin to describe how I feel when I think of all the beautiful pups I have saved over the years, each one unique and special. Fostering has become a love to me like no other, and as I save them, each changes and enriches my life for the better. They have taught me many things, but one that sticks closest and I am reminded of daily when I am fostering; love with all you have, and enjoy the simple things. ❤

Here’s to the next 108 fosters and beyond, can’t wait to meet them and start my next fostering journey!

Whelp Enclosure

A few months back I posted about my latest project for the dogs, a puppy enclosure for inside the dog room. After Allie, I knew I needed to make some kind of containment so the pups wouldn’t crawl off the bedding for the first couple weeks. The project was put on the back burner when the next foster litter arrived, but now I am happy to say it is finally finished. Below is the final product! I bought some foam mats for underneath everything, this will act as extra padding for the mom and pups, along with insulating the floor a bit more. A blanket will be put down inside the enclosed area, a dog bed on the other side for the momma to get away, and food and water bowls; All my moms have free run of the house during the day, the bed is just for at night, especially as the pups get older. This will be used for the first 2-3 weeks, depending on the pups and mom. I am very happy with the way it turned out and look forward to using it with the next litter.


Fun Friday- Expanding & Rescue

I am officially back! After this past litter, I just needed a break away from blogging; next time I will make sure to actually tell everyone first though, forgive me for neglecting to do that! Things have been busy for the past week, and except for crazy rain and flooding in the area, it has been a good kind of crazy.

First up while I was away, this beautiful boy followed me home from a walk around the neighborhood, and I took him in; sweetest dog, well mannered, house trained, perfect with dogs and cats, just an awesome boy! After a couple days, finally found the owners, and to add even more of a twist to the story, they didn’t want him back! They said he had been running off constantly, (he is not fixed and now is when a large amount of dogs are in heat 🙄) so, they surrendered him, also informing me to watch touching his back as it had been broken after getting run over as a pup, making it sensitive for him. This crazy story does have a happy ending thankfully as he got adopted yesterday by a wonderful family who had been looking for that special dog for a few months, they clicked from the moment they met! Who wouldn’t fall in love with that face!? So glad I was able to give him the helping hand he needed to get a great family.


I have done some expanding to the outdoor portion of the puppy space, and am so excited for the extra room! Now watch the next litter be 14 puppies, but hey, I have been telling the family I have been wanting another large litter, (I know, I really am that insane puppy lady 😂) but seriously, I actually am looking forward to the next large litter, ever since Belle’s 12, I have loved the idea of having another one, it may be more work, but it isn’t too much for me. Things always seem to happen right before I need them, so we shall see!

First photo was taken about a year back, and the second was taken today; yes, the grass needs to grow back for sure, I have had non-stop litters since last July, so it never had a chance to spring back like it has in years past. Thankfully the grass is starting to grow back now, and if we get a pregnant dog or younger litter it should have time to catch up before the puppies are all over it. Honestly though, I am much more concerned with helping as many litters as possible than having grass in the run 😉

Happy March everyone! Am I the only one shocked that it really is March already? Crazy that spring will officially be here in less than a month, though we are getting an early start with flowers already beginning to appear and most days in the 60s, with one day hitting 80. I guess it’s making up for the cold winter weather we have had. Hope you all have an amazing weekend, and to start it off right, here is a cute face from my spring 2016 litter, enjoy!

2017 May, 7 - Denver - That face kills me - w3d5.JPG

Fun Friday- Working on Manners

Currently working on crate and house training, sit and eye contact, coming when called, learning to love being brushed, being comfortable with being picked up and held, and waiting before exiting doorways. Leash training is going to be added soon, have been waiting for them to settle in and learn to trust a bit more. They are doing so well with everything, from going potty on the paper every time when in their area, to starting to come when called. They are going to make great pets for sure.

Perfect sit and eye contact before coming out to play; they got it all figured out after just two days, super smart little babies, they learn so quickly!

And two more photos, they are just too cute, and love laps!

Fun Friday- Project Whelp Enclosure


Some of you may remember with Allie’s litter how the pups kept crawling off the blankets, and distressing Allie, and how I had said that I really needed to build an enclosure; well, back with Cocoa’s litter from Christmas of last year, I had put together one, and it worked very well, problem was, I didn’t seal the wood with anything, and needless to say, it was completely unusable by the time the litter left.

I loved having it while it lasted, it worked perfectly and for the first 3-4 weeks kept the pups nicely contained and never too far from their momma.

Cocoa's Litter; 2.5 week setup - Copy
Cocoa’s & Litter inside their enclosure

Now, over a year later, I have finally gotten around to making another one; this time I am painting it so it will last longer, lol. For those who might wonder, I do not use a true whelping box for two reasons, one the size of the moms I get can vary wildly, and two I really don’t like how confining a box can be for the pups, giving them very little room to move, I prefer that my pups have plenty of room to move and build muscle, and since I keep their room plenty warm, and am always watching over them, I am never worried about one getting chilled.

So here is the new box currently, the dog room has been turned into a temporary painting location. The painting will hopefully be completed today. I will post some more once I get it all put together!

WIP puppy enclosure