Fun Friday- New Style Update

A while back I posted about a new style ofย braided T-Shirt toy and after being used daily by my latest litter for two months, the report on which is better is in!

By far, the four strand held up a hundred times better than the normal three strand, and I also found the puppies favored the four over the three, my guess would be the thickness of the four was better on their teeth. Without a doubt the four strand is the winner and from now on I will continue making all my rope toys this way, it takes a bit longer to braid, but it is well worth the time put in.



Fun Friday- Training Has Begun!

A lot is happening! The puppies are now 5 weeks, 3 days old and full training has begun, I say full training simply because from day one puppies are learning and I teach them so much even before their eyes open, but the most common things for a puppy to need to know as an adult are being taught now. Such as, crate and leash training. The first faze of their crate training begin at three weeks old, they got a crate put into their area, with the door removed, and whenever they were out to play they would fall asleep in Mystic’s crate, starting the early, “crates mean comfort” association is key.

2017 May, 18 - Pups crated feeding - w5d2.JPG

They continued with this for about two more weeks. After they started eating well, their meals were fed in crates. Once comfortable with the doors closed, they moved to, and where they are currently, taking naps in the crates with the doors closed. They took their first nap crated this morning, and I was so proud of them for how they did, everyone settled immediately and slept for a good hour before waking for a potty break. They absolutely love crates and spend a lot of time napping and playing in them, they are also very patient when waiting for me to let them out, so all is going very well.

2017 May, 19 - First crated nap - w5d3

Yesterday they got harnesses put on for the first time, I feel since many people do put them on their dogs, it is important for the pups to be comfortable with both collar and harness, they were a bit unsure of the harnesses at first, but in no time at all were running and playing like normal. Their leash training begin at the same time as their harness work, and they are doing well, Kirby seems to be having the most trouble at the moment, but all are learning to give to the pressure on the lead from both collar and harness.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

Along with all their other training, they are also doing barrier work, learning how to wait before walking through a gate or door, they are doing well and learning the process quickly, they are such smart little pups.

2017 May, 18 - Denver, Wesley, Kirby, April - w5d2.JPGAnd one more little brag; They were out to play in the kitchen and I ran the vacuum cleaner right outside the gate that leads into the living room, not even a flinch out of them! They ran up to my hands when I leaned over the gate and continued playing like nothing had happened, so proud of them, early introduction to noises makes a world of difference down the road!

I cannot express how much I love raising puppies, watching them mold into amazing dogs is an experience like no other. โค

Fun Friday-

It’s amazing how it can seem like something has been with you forever, (in a good way of course!) when it’s only been a week & a half. Mom and pups have fit right in with the flow of everything in my household, Mystic is such an easy going dog and very loving.

2017 Apr, 26 - Misty keeping watch
Misty keeping watch

I am feeling a bit stressed right now since the puppies are currently dealing with a bit of diarrhea, (we believe it to be worm related and are beginning treatment today) everyone is still playful, hydrated, and normal, but it still worries me since puppies can go down hill fast in this situation. Hopefully another worming will take care of their problem. I am confident they will be just fine.


The puppies have taken quite a liking to Mystic’s crate, which is awesome because it is training them early to love being in a crate. I have also added a crate to their area and they sleep in it a lot. They seem to grow by the hour, and get more active by the minute! They are such silly and wonderful puppies, truly a joy to have as is their mom. Some out take photos from their three week photo shoot below because who doesn’t love cute puppies! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Please forgive me for the short post, I am exhausted.

2017 May, 2 - Week 3 - Denver take 2

2017 May, 2 - Week 3 - Wilton take 2

2017 May, 2 - Week 3 - Kirby take 2

2017 May, 2 - Week 3 - Denver take 3

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!

Fun Friday- Pupdate Time!

All has been going well over the last three days. Misty continues to adjust to her new life, it’s obvious she wasn’t inside much if at all before now because she paces a lot and seems to enjoy being outside, but given everything, she is settling with inside life well. She is often on alert and is still learning she can trust us, but I am happy to say she trusts us more each and what she did yesterday proves she is learning quickly; I was outside with her, (she still occasionally panics on leash so I do not leave her outside alone right now) she came over to where I was sitting, went into a play bow, then got zoomie! I got her a rope toy and she started acting like a puppy, bounding on top of the toy, picking it up, then running around and throwing it in the air, it was truly an amazing moment to behold, (figures it was also the one time I didn’t have my camera!). She is getting much better on leash as well and rarely has a problem now.

Misty is starting to spend more time away from the pups now that their teeth are coming in and she has stopped cleaning up after them, so needless to say there can be quite a mess in the mornings!

2017 Apr, 26 - Together - 2w1d

The puppies are fat as can be and growing very quickly, all are up and walking, though April is still a bit wobbly. Their teeth are coming in and they are all playing with each other when they are awake. They are learning the concept of where to potty and while they don’t always make it to the paper, they almost always have at least one foot on it, so they are trying! They are such sweet puppies, and are starting to interact with us more, which of course is overwhelmingly cute. ๐Ÿ˜‰

2017 Apr, 25 - Kirby - 2 Weeks - First Day

Have a great weekend all!

Fun Friday- Dog Treats

About a year ago I begin making my own dog treats after getting tired of buying treats with cheap ingredients, I wanted to know what I was feeding my dogs, and making them is more fun anyway! Interestingly enough, I found that not only is it more fun, but the dogs actually prefer them to store bought ones, from then on I have made all of the treats my dogs eat. I don’t use treats for training, but both the foster mom dogs and my neighbor’s dog Anne, (my neighbor’s dog spends most of her time at my house) enjoy a treat now and then.

2017 Jan 15 - Cocoa and Anne
Anne, (my neighbor’s dog) and Cocoa, (past foster) waiting for the treats to come out of the oven

My first treats were a five ingredient recipe as I wanted to start simple and work my way up. Link to the recipe below. The dogs really enjoyed it and still do, I like like these simple treats, they are easy to make and are nice when I don’t have a ton of time.

Lazy Girl Dog Treats

After deciding I wanted to continue to make my own treats, I purchased this cute set of doggie cookie cutters, they work great and I would definitely recommend them!

Set of 7 Doggie Cookie Cutters


The second recipe I tried is still the biggest hit with my dogs, they go nuts for one of these treats and the make the house smell great while baking them, lol.

Apple Cinnamon Dog Treats

The most recent ones I have tried were these oatmeal, peanut butter & banana treats. Both Cocoa and Anne gave their approval of these!

Oatmeal, Peanut Butter & Banana Treats


I am always looking for new treats to try, I would love to know what your favorite recipes are! Hope are all have a great weekend!