Memory Monday- Fiona

Oh little Fiona, you are so loved! From 9 weeks old to 13 weeks, snuggling with her new owner. All of the puppies are doing great, loving life and enjoying all the new adventures they get to go on!


Memory Monday- So Little

I’ve said it a million times, but I will never cease to be amazed by how quickly puppies grow. Sweet little Windi went from this…

2017 Jul, 22 - Sweet Windi - Delivery Day.JPG

…To this is just six weeks. My babies are growing up so, so fast! From their first breath to goodbye, I am there watching over them, it is such a difficult thing when that final goodbye comes,  such a bittersweet moment! Love my pups with all my heart!104B0393.JPG


Memory Monday- Rain & Cloud

On June 4th, 2016 we received a call about two 10-12 week old female puppies that the dog warden had just picked up, we left to pick them up right after the call. When we arrived, we were met by two very friendly Rat Terrier/Min Pin mix pups, they were bouncy and complete wiggles, giving us kisses and playing with each other. They were found by a farmer running around near his barn, the farm being out in the middle of nowhere, it is very likely they were dumped off there. On the way home we decided to name the tri-color, Cloud and the black and tan, Rain since it was raining and cloudy as we drove home.

They did wonderful on the ride home, quiet and calm. After arriving home, and a much needed bath and nail trim, they begin to settle in. They were extremely tired and slept most of that first day, and they were extremely calm, but experience told me this wouldn’t last long.

101_1568.JPGOver the next two days their energy levels and playfulness continued to increase, they were healthy, happy, and very much puppies. They slept the night through each night, which was a blessing, and unbelievably, they were house trained too, even though they had paper to go on at night, they waited until morning when I let them outside to potty. By the third day their energy levels were to max, they would play for hours, running around the house full speed playing with each other until they passed out beside me on the couch. Despite their insane energy, I couldn’t help loving these crazy girls, their personalities were highly entertaining, they just loved and lived life to the fullest!


The night of the fourth day I learned that they had been pulled by rescue and would be leaving the next day, it was hard to believe how fast the time flew by, these girls were such fun loving, silly pups that made me smile even when their energy exhausted me. I will never cease to smile whenever I think about them running full tilt around the house, one carrying a toy, the other giving chase, they were a complete joy, and one of my easiest groups, being already house trained and sleeping through the night from the beginning. They both got great homes shortly after leaving, couldn’t be happier about the outcome for these two cuties!