Happy Monday!

I feel like I should call this post Amusement Monday or something because of these photos, but hey, it’s always a happy day when there are puppies, right? Hope you enjoy and have had an awesome start to your week! 🙂

This one is more cute than silly, but still made me laugh! She walked up, sat down and looked up at me just like this for several minutes, lol.
When I am trying to get a good photo of Windi, then she does this… Giggle city!
Derp face! She was in the middle of playing, then just stopped and looked at me with this goofy expression for a minute, have no idea why!
She decided my pant leg was the perfect place to rest her muzzle for a nap. Too funny!



8 Weeks Old!

Happy 8 weeks old! The pups are getting so big, and along with age and size, comes the ability to sit still and focus. This week’s photos were significantly easier than the last couple weeks. Between an older age and plenty of manding and focus work, they are doing very well. One of the most significant things with this litter over others I have had is how in tune they are with people and what is asked of them, they have been this way since they were tiny and the more they train, the stronger this gets. They are doing wonderfully with being crated when fed, they will now run into their crates where I lock them in while I get the food and they wait very patiently, they have learned that a door being closed means good things are coming, such an awesome lesson to help them do well in their future homes!

Bree: Her personality has changed a bit since 6 weeks; while she is still active, she is less independent and has become quite the cuddle bug. Bree loves belly rubs and hanging out in your lap. She has a more submissive nature and is sensitive and in tune with the world around her, however even with this fact, she is not needy and is quite the go-getter when she wants. I think she is going to be a great mix of all the right traits once grown.

Brent: He continues to be fearless and goofy, he loves to bark and plays endlessly. He is quite a character, and his too big ears only add to that image! He makes me laugh with his antics and I can’t help but love him! I think he will be great in a household with children and will entertain and cause joy wherever he is known.

Caitie: She remains quiet and careful about new things, she is the most timid of the pups, but still goes for adventures, I take her out with one of her confident siblings and it helps her greatly. I think she will do well in a household with an older, confident dog who can show and teach her.

Fiona: This girl continues to be just as sweet and sassy as ever! Over the last week she has begun to talk to us, and it couldn’t be cuter, her bark is the most adorable thing, ever! I swear everything this puppy does is adorable, and it is no wonder she is the litter favorite. She is loving as everything, extremely active and playful, and yet she isn’t over whelming or in your face. This girl I think will be an excellent fit with pretty much any household as long as they are active, I think she would do wonderfully with kids.

Nara: Energy continues to rule with this silly girl, however as she ages I am starting to see some maturity taking hold. She is super sweet and outgoing, loves to explore, and is so much her mother without the fear issues, she is a good natured pup, and I think once the puppy energy settles, she is going to be a great, even tempered dog.

Windi: Calm no longer rules this girl’s personality, over the last couple weeks Windi has become quite hyper, and like her sister Nara, she is a wild child! She loves to play and run around endlessly. She is still submissive in nature, and very much a people pleaser, very smart and a quick learner. She works so hard every second to make sure she is doing exactly what is asked of her. I do believe she is going to be a very sweet, attentive, and trainable dog.

Allie Got Adopted!

Allie has been adopted! A family contacted the dog pound’s page and wanted to arrange a meet and greet, they were very interested in adopting Allie if she seemed like a good fit… and shortly after they met her, they were ready to take her home! They enjoyed playing tug of war with her, and she quickly warmed up to them, they were very careful to make sure it was going to be a good fit for them and their family and the questions they asked were very knowledgeable, I was impressed! They will also be getting her fixed, they very proudly stated that there would be no more litters for this girl! So happy with where she went, I am now in contact with them through FB and have already received tons of photos of her, she is settling in well and is loving all the cuddles and belly rubs. They are putting up a fence so she will have a backyard to run in, and she has two other dogs to play with. Couldn’t have asked for a better place for her! Some photos taken by her new family.

Snuggles and hanging out on the bed, she is so spoiled already, lol!

Doing Great!

Update on Allie! She is doing so much better, the rash is healing up and the anti-itch meds are doing wonders, she no longer scratches constantly. The antibiotics are also working great and her skin is looking so much better all over. So happy to see her itch free and completely comfortable again!

In puppy news, they took another wagon ride yesterday, then played out in the front yard for a bit, then they got back inside and slept for hours. And today they all got another bath, played a ton, and worked on their training. My little family is doing great!

7 Weeks Old!

Happy seven weeks old to my puppies! This week as been a crazy one, but even with that, things have been going well. The puppies continue to learn and improve, all are happy and healthy, and I couldn’t ask for anything more!

The plan is pretty much the same for the moment. I often decide to start doing things if I happen to think of something new during the week, and I am always finding new things with every litter. One of the joys of raising puppies is, no matter how many litters I raise, there is always something to improve or do. The one new thing I started in the last few days, feeding them crated, as gone super well, they are starting to run into their crates when let out to get fed, so very happy with that.

The puppies have hit a different stage in their development, at 4-5 weeks they slept a ton and had very little focus, 6 weeks they still continued to sleep a ton, but their focus was much better, and now at 7 weeks they have hit a stage where they sleep very little, have very little focus, and play constantly. All part of their development, so just have to continue working with them through each stage and increasing or decreasing training duration as they need. One thing for sure, there is no such thing as set in stone with puppy raising!


Interesting Morning…

Allie developed rash on her stomach over the last couple days, and after it started getting worse, and Benadryl did nothing for her, she went to the vet to have it looked at. She has had skin problems since we brought her home almost two months ago, but there was very little that could be done while she was nursing since most anti-itch meds will dry up milk. We believe she has some kind of allergies, though at this point it is unclear as to what she might be allergic to. The vet is unsure as to what is causing the problem, but Allie does appear to have developed a secondary bacteria infection, so she is currently on anti-itch meds and antibiotics to hopefully get her healed up. Glad she was done nursing when it happened so she is able to get something to relieve the intense itching. Puppy photos are going to be a bit late today, but I promise they are coming!

Fun Times!

 Fun times with the little ones! First photo of them all manding, (still working on getting them all looking at the same time, lol) they have really caught on with manding in the last week and are doing so well with it now, they all mand to get out to play/eat and when asking for pets. Their new bowls arrived yesterday and I couldn’t be happier with them, they are perfect size and super cute.

Their crate, leash, and harness training is coming along very well, they are all quickly learning to give when pressure is applied to the leash, all are comfortable wearing a harness now, and all are learning to sit and give eye contact to get out of the crate, also working on waiting to exit the crate until given the release word. I have started feeding them crated, I plan on training them to enter a crate on command to be fed, we will see how this goes as I have never tried this before with a litter.

They went out into the front yard for some play today and loved it, I like to take them out there as there are different sights, noises, and items, (such as leaves). They are all tuckered out now. They are becoming more confident by the day, and each pup loves spending individual time with me, they get so excited when they know they are about to go explore, love building such a strong association with new things and a happy excited attitude!

2017 Sep, 3 - First Time Manding - W6D12017 Sep, 5 - Bree with harness - W6D32017 Sep, 5 - Fiona Sleeping - W6D32017 Sep, 5 - New Bowls - W6D3