Forgive me for the lack of activity! Between the arrival of my latest foster and the fact that by internet has been down, (again) since Friday morning, and unfortunately still is at this time, I was unable to update before now. Updates will probably be close until things are fixed, but I will do my best.

Big news! My fourth pregnant dog has arrived! She arrived Saturday, and we are currently waiting on puppies, things are getting close for sure, but we could still have a few days yet. Allie is what we are calling a Basenji mix and young at 1-2 years old. Allie was seized from a home due to drug activity and shortly after arriving it become obvious she was pregnant. She is super sweet and has settled in completely with us. I look forward to sharing her and her future litter as they grow.

First day2 7;15;17

And just for fun, here is a photo comparison of the difference just three days can make!


Internet Outage… Again

I apologize for the lack of posting, just got my internet fixed after a week and a half of it being down, very thankful to have it back!

Still waiting for new foster(s), everything has been pretty quiet as of late which is great for my shelter, but generally is just the calm before the storm, we generally get busy around July-August, so we shall see what comes next.

I received another update on Denver, (now Frank) and his owner reported that he has gained 10lbs since they adopted him almost four weeks ago, he now weighs 24lbs! His owner happily reported that he did wonderfully over the Fourth of July and the sound of fireworks didn’t even faze him, he is reported to be the most fearless, chill, and well-rounded pup they have ever seen or had. He is learning everything they want to teach him quickly, and they always say he is the smartest puppy. So proud of him! ❤


Seven Weeks Old

Happy seven weeks to these big puppies! Decided to take their photos outside this time since it is such a beautiful day and the pups were all out playing at the time. It is now confirmed that I will be taking them to an adoption event on June 11th. Hard to believe that they will leave my care in less than an two weeks. Seems like yesterday these guys were toddling around and learning how to play; time certainly flies…

One last photo of Mystic below, the pups are weaned and she went home. She was a great momma to her pups and an enjoyable companion to us!

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