Saying Goodbye 😭

The pups are on their way to rescue, and the next step in their journey; such a bittersweet feeling to see them go. Goodbye my darlings!

Glad I was able to share this wonderful, but challenging litter with you all. Look forward to sharing the next one. Hope you all have a great day.


One More Time

Our last full day… The pain of realizing that, and coming to our final day together never gets easier! Since this is our last day together, and the second to last post I will make to this thread, I figured it was time for one final photo dump. They are grown up so fast, I am going to miss their sweet faces, hearing their adorable barks, and watching them run crazy around the house. Sorry for these sad posts, I just don’t want them to go still!

Life Happens

Sorry for the lack of updates, I promise I am still alive, lol. Been really sick and feeling poorly over the last few days, and just haven’t had the energy to update anything. Puppies are all still doing amazing, and thankfully there have been no more problems, they are all happy and full of life. The puppies leave Thursday, so this adventure is coming to a close soon.


Happy to say everyone is doing amazing, and little Brittani is back to normal, honestly don’t know what caused it, but I am glad it is no longer effecting her. They are just the happiest babies, and never fail to make me laugh and smile, it is really a joy to raise two different litters together, they have been teaching each other so much. The oldest ones have gotten so big, and the younger, while still small, have also grown quite a bit. In other news, we also had an ice storm last night and now everything is covered in a thin layer of ice, crazy considering it’s supposed to be 50 and sunny on Friday!

I realized that I have had the older ones just over 5 weeks, and as of this Saturday, the younger for 4 weeks, placing the two litters at roughly 10 weeks, and 8 weeks, it honestly just doesn’t feel like they have been here that long! Saturday both litters will be listed to rescues, and leaving the following Thursday, meaning just one week left as of tomorrow… I still don’t want to let go, it has been so hard, and I have been struggling with coming to terms with their leaving, I honestly think it is being caused by the emotional stress of the last month, I know my limit has been pushed to near breaking, and them leaving will only add to the already high emotional toll I have dealt with, but I know that it is time, they need their own homes, they deserve it, and I will not stand in their way just to protect myself.

One more week together before this adventure comes to a close, so I will enjoy every moment we have left! ❤

Puppy Pile!

Two photos of the crazy ice we woke up to. Outside on the kennel fence, and the other on the tree outside the dog room’s window.

Tired Neo

Sleeping Hilda

And how my morning started! Couldn’t have asked for a better start than puppy snuggles

Doing Better!

A group photo of everyone, and it’s the last with all the pups as Ray went to his new family, they were super excited and love him so much already! Brittani may also have a home lined up with a long time friend of that family, so we shall see. I am happy to say that while last night was a bit scary, the little one is feeling so much better this morning, she still has a bit of swelling in her muzzle area, but she is acting much more normal now; I also believe I found the cause of the problem, last evening I found Brittani chewing on a piece of jade plant, we have a plant in the house, but keep out of their reach, so not sure how she got hold of it. Thankfully, since removing that, things seem to have calmed down and everyone seems to be returning to normal. Hopefully it will be smooth from here on out, it seems like there have been never ending worries since these guys arrived. All of the pups are doing well, the older will be vaccinated soon, then they will all be listed to rescues, so likely will be leaving here in no more than two weeks. It’s been a roller coaster, but praying things can settle down and be normal finally, so we can enjoy the rest of our time together.