3 Weeks Old

Sorry for the lack of posting over the last few days. Had a nasty storm come through Friday night which caused a tree fall on the internet/phone line and it snapped it, also had a tree fall on, and flatten my neighbor’s car, (thankfully everyone is alright).

Everyone has been doing great! Misty has settled well into the routine and is such a good girl, she is completely house trained and has made peace with the family’s cats so she has the run of the house during the day. She is such a smart girl and is learning basic manners quickly.


The pups are very much on the move now, and boy are they huge! The largest, (Kirby) now weighs in at just under 6lbs at 3 weeks old! They have learned to potty in their area and are hitting the paper 99% of the time now, which is great. Each day they get more and more active and playful. Everyone is walking around quite well and are comfortable being held, oh yes, and they have started mobbing when they hear our voices, lol. They are such little loves and they seek out people every time. They are great little bundles of joy.

With further ado, here is the puppies week 3 photos, Enjoy! 🙂


Fun Friday- Pupdate Time!

All has been going well over the last three days. Misty continues to adjust to her new life, it’s obvious she wasn’t inside much if at all before now because she paces a lot and seems to enjoy being outside, but given everything, she is settling with inside life well. She is often on alert and is still learning she can trust us, but I am happy to say she trusts us more each and what she did yesterday proves she is learning quickly; I was outside with her, (she still occasionally panics on leash so I do not leave her outside alone right now) she came over to where I was sitting, went into a play bow, then got zoomie! I got her a rope toy and she started acting like a puppy, bounding on top of the toy, picking it up, then running around and throwing it in the air, it was truly an amazing moment to behold, (figures it was also the one time I didn’t have my camera!). She is getting much better on leash as well and rarely has a problem now.

Misty is starting to spend more time away from the pups now that their teeth are coming in and she has stopped cleaning up after them, so needless to say there can be quite a mess in the mornings!

2017 Apr, 26 - Together - 2w1d

The puppies are fat as can be and growing very quickly, all are up and walking, though April is still a bit wobbly. Their teeth are coming in and they are all playing with each other when they are awake. They are learning the concept of where to potty and while they don’t always make it to the paper, they almost always have at least one foot on it, so they are trying! They are such sweet puppies, and are starting to interact with us more, which of course is overwhelmingly cute. 😉

2017 Apr, 25 - Kirby - 2 Weeks - First Day

Have a great weekend all!

A Special Wednesday

I know normally this is Wordless Wednesday, but since I wasn’t able to get their individual photos yesterday, I figured I would share the ones I just took and give you all their names. Just means it’s a special Wednesday, right? 🙂

The first day went well and everyone did great overnight. Momma Misty spent most of the first day sleeping with her puppies, with a bit of exploring the house mixed in, she seems to be naturally geared toward fearful submissive behavior right now, her confidence will hopefully improve as I work with her, but I do believe she will always have a somewhat submissive personality. She is extremely sensitive and craves human contact, always looking for ways to please. She’s a great mom to her puppies and very attentive to their needs.

2017 Apr, 26 - Misty

The pups are doing great as well, eating, sleeping and beginning to play. Potty training has begun as well and two have already gone to the area to pee, so a great start! They are pudgy little things with the largest weighing just under four pounds! Lots of puppy snuggling going on for sure. 😉

So without further ado, I would like to officially introduce this beautiful litter.

Both boys. On the left we have Wilton wearing the Red, White & Blue collar, his personality hasn’t blossomed yet but I think he will be a playful pup. On the right we have Wesley wearing yellow, again, his personality is still coming through, but he seems to be more on the quiet side right now.

Both boys again. On the left we have Max, he is wearing a blue collar even though you can’t see it, he’s a very calm boy, sleeping most of the time. On the right is Kirby wearing red, he is very vocal already, going to be quite the talker.

On the left is Denver wearing orange, he is the biggest pup currently and so adorably funny, he has a great little personality already. On the right is the only girl in the litter and the smallest pup right now. April has adorable markings and seems like a calm little one so far.


The wait is officially over- Please welcome, Mystic, (Misty for short) and the Spring Puppies! These six, (5 boys and 1 girl) pups are two weeks old, but boy are they big already! Momma has been taking very good care of them for sure. Mom and the pups were taken in by a kind lady, but she soon realized she didn’t have enough time to properly raise a litter and work, so she reached out to the pound for help. Great news for momma Misty is she has a home waiting for her with her finder after the pups are weaned. Misty is best guess a Boxer/Pit mix and young at around 1-1.5 years old, she is a super sweet girl so far, but lacks confidence so we will have to work on building that up. The pups are adorable, very roly-poly, their eyes and ears are just opening and they are starting to walk around. Looking forward to the adventures ahead!


Individual photos with their names, and more updates coming in the near future, so stay tuned! 😀


Memory Monday- The Walgreens Puppies

April 10th, 2016, we received a call from the dog wardens about five puppies they had just picked up and wanted to place in our care for an upcoming adoption event, (the pound has two adoption/fundraiser events every year, this is the one time when puppies are adopted out directly from the pound). These five Shepherd mixes had a sad past to say the least, the dog warden had received a call about five puppies that were running in the road, the caller was worried they were going to get hit. When the dog warden arrived, they found the pups had been caught by their owner, (neighbor to the caller), but wanting to know more the warden went to talk to the owner, before coming to the door however, the warden saw the puppies behind the house and it was truly a horrible sight; The puppies were in a tiny pen, barely big enough to fit two puppies much less five, and the footing under them was nothing but feces and mud, they had no water or food. The warden got the owner to sign the pups over and took them away. We were called shortly after this and went to pick them up. When we arrived, they were hiding in the back of their cage, scared and covered in mud and feces, they were a sad sight and had obviously had very little handling. After getting them home they were put straight into the tub for a much needed bath, their near panic and the almost black water running off of them told us they had never had a bath in their lives before this one. After being put into their new area, they all quickly fell asleep.

Day 2.JPG

They slept most of the first day, but in the moments they were awake it became clear that their neglect went beyond just lack of handling. Because they had to fight for everything before, they all had the beginnings of food aggression, they had no idea how to share their toys or play together without fighting, leashes and collars were a strange and scary thing, and every new sound made them cower. The only good thing in all of this was the fact that they were still young enough to be worked with, though even this wasn’t ideal since they were already about 4 months old, and it wasn’t going to be as easy as it might have been with young pups. Collars were put on them directly, and they quickly begin to adjust to wearing them. They begin learning manners when eating their food, and they got to experience grass for the first time, which they loved.


By the end of the day they were already well on their way to becoming normal, happy puppies around people, trusting us a lot more. Over the next week the puppies settled into their new life, and things changed very quickly, the beginning food aggression was corrected, they stopped having fights constantly, and they begin to play together. By the end of their first week, all distrust was gone and they greeted us with wagging tails and happy faces. Their fear of new things slowly begin to diminish and they started to show interest in new things.


They had come to me for two weeks before we took them to the event, and it was amazing to see how much of a change can happen in such a short time. The event came and they did amazingly, greeting everyone with wagging tails, walking on leash like champs, and enjoying seeing all the new things. All of the puppies found homes that day too! Each and everyone of them were sitting politely for attention and everyone continually commented on their manners and friendly demeanor, no one would have believed that just two short weeks ago those same puppies were terrified and hiding from the world. Love and a little bit of work can go a long, long way!



Fun Friday- Dog Treats

About a year ago I begin making my own dog treats after getting tired of buying treats with cheap ingredients, I wanted to know what I was feeding my dogs, and making them is more fun anyway! Interestingly enough, I found that not only is it more fun, but the dogs actually prefer them to store bought ones, from then on I have made all of the treats my dogs eat. I don’t use treats for training, but both the foster mom dogs and my neighbor’s dog Anne, (my neighbor’s dog spends most of her time at my house) enjoy a treat now and then.

2017 Jan 15 - Cocoa and Anne
Anne, (my neighbor’s dog) and Cocoa, (past foster) waiting for the treats to come out of the oven

My first treats were a five ingredient recipe as I wanted to start simple and work my way up. Link to the recipe below. The dogs really enjoyed it and still do, I like like these simple treats, they are easy to make and are nice when I don’t have a ton of time.

Lazy Girl Dog Treats

After deciding I wanted to continue to make my own treats, I purchased this cute set of doggie cookie cutters, they work great and I would definitely recommend them!

Set of 7 Doggie Cookie Cutters


The second recipe I tried is still the biggest hit with my dogs, they go nuts for one of these treats and the make the house smell great while baking them, lol.

Apple Cinnamon Dog Treats

The most recent ones I have tried were these oatmeal, peanut butter & banana treats. Both Cocoa and Anne gave their approval of these!

Oatmeal, Peanut Butter & Banana Treats


I am always looking for new treats to try, I would love to know what your favorite recipes are! Hope are all have a great weekend!