Wordless Wednesday- Sleepy Caitie



Five Weeks

Happy five weeks! These guys are big, and growing up so fast! Decided to take their photos in the wagon and they turned out well, but boy was it a pain in the butt to get them! They were just having none of it today. They are right in the stage where they are active, but have pretty much zero focus, so photo time is difficult to say the least.
Week 5 Plan:
Now that they have their legs fully under them and stay awake for longer periods, their world is being expanded. This week mostly focuses on introducing new experiences on a larger scale than before.
This week the puppies will begin leash and harness training, they will wear harnesses around for short periods during play time, and same for leashes as well. Once they are used to that, I will start taking them out for leashed walks.
Individual time begins, I will start taking each one out on their own for short periods, preparing them for when they are separated once adoption day arrives.
They are now going to start taking group rides out in the wagon, in the yard, and around the block, this not only allows them to get used to the noise of cars and other vehicles, it accustoms them to the motion of moving, which will prepare them for future car rides.
Now that they are eating out of normal bowls, they will begin getting fed in a crate, helping reinforce crates as good items, and begin getting them used to having the door shut.
I am going to start gently brushing each pup, getting them used to the feeling, even short haired dogs need brushed occasionally.
And lastly, I will start letting them outside in a playpen in the front yard for short periods, changing things up and keeping them interesting for the pups.
Bree: She has having none of it! Out of over 20 photos, this was the best I could get, she exhausted herself wanting out of the wagon.

Recap Time

Time for another recap. Cannot believe my babies turn five weeks old tomorrow!

Week 4 recap:

1. Manding has gone very well, they have the concept down and their eye contact is improving.

2. The paper has been moved much further back and they have been doing very well, they go out to potty most of the time now, and the dog door is now being left open at night.

3. They are doing wonderfully with their crate work, the crate is their safe place without a doubt. I have not begun crated naps yet, as they weren’t quite ready for it, but will begin this upcoming week.



I am happy to say little Caitie is completely back to normal! After I gave her the second dose at 6pm yesterday, the swelling in her ears went down way more and it gave her a lot of relief. This morning her ears a normal and she is no longer scratching. It is a beautiful sight watching her sleep peacefully right now, so thankful my little girl is okay!


Scary Emergency

Well, that is not how I expected the morning to go!

Last evening around 7pm I found Caitie crying outside on the step, (the puppies are allowed outdoor access through the dog door when I am home, except during bad weather and at night) I brought her inside and by the way she was acting it appeared she had been stung. About a hour after that her eye got all swollen, then it slowly went away and was gone by 11pm. She acted completely normal through the whole thing, so I just watched her.

8am the next morning, she was acting normal at first, then 20mins later she begin to whine, scratch at her ears, very soon after that her ears swelled up, and that is when I called the vet.

We rushed to the vet right after the phone call and arrived at 10:30am. The vet gave her a antihistamine injection, I will be giving her another one at 6, and if need be another at 2am. He wasn’t overly concerned, obviously our biggest worry was breathing problems, but he assured us that we would have seen that before now if we were going to. She is resting in a crate next to me away from her siblings, waiting to see if the swelling goes down. Super scary event! Please keep her in your thoughts.