Wordless Wednesday- Styling For Winter



Monday Madness!

I think the title is fitting, between a litter of six, and a hyper little puppy, things have been interesting. Bella is doing very well, and has been loving playing with the other six foster pups, they can’t all be kept together since the six are so much bigger, but they play all together often, they are so good with her! They all outweigh her little 11lb self by at least 15lbs, but she doesn’t care, takes on all comers and has put even the biggest in his place when he got a little too enthusiastic for her liking. The energy difference between the litter and Bella is unbelievable, they are these big, lazy couch potatoes, and here she is zooming around for hours.


Taking care of a litter and a single pup that are completely independent of each other outside of play time hasn’t been as hard as I would have imagined, Bella is such a good girl in her area and never gets whiny, she also sleeps through the night, a big plus. One thing I forgot since the last single puppy I have had, they need to potty almost constantly at this age, and they will chew on everything, BUT what they are supposed to, lol.


One of the six is leaving later today for her new home, and the others, including Bella, are likely going to be leaving this Thursday for rescue, so while I am sad that an empty house is coming soon, it does make me happy to know that means I am open to take the next one in need!

And for one last bit of amusement, this is the face my neighbor’s dog, (who just about lives with me) makes whenever she realizes there’s a new foster puppy here, lol. She tolerates the new additions, but is extremely jealous when I am not paying her all the attention.


Meet Bella!

Meet our latest foster/stray rescue, Bella! This adorable little Boxer mix girl was found by a neighbor, who was unable to keep her, and because of this asked if we could take her on, we said yes of course. She will likely only be here until Thursday since I am sure a rescue will snap her up, but thought she was too cute and unique not to share! I have never seen a pup with such an unusual coat; brindle on her rear end, merle patching on her front, and blue merle on her muzzle. She is a good girl, playful, and sweet. A bit unsure at the moment, but a good girl never the less! She is super quiet when in her pen, and is doing really well about asking when she needs out to potty. Glad to be able to help her!



Fun Friday- New Gate

How awesome is my new puppy gate!? Been using everything from playpens to large pieces of cardboard to keep the pups in the kitchen during playtime, but they just weren’t holding up, so we went with a stronger and more permanent solution. I am loving this gate, so much easier to use and is working great, especially for larger puppies!

Front of the door that faces out into the rest of the house.
And the back, with a protective cover to prevent the wood from getting scratched up or chewed.

Things Have Gotten Crazy!

Sorry for my absence, I promise I am still alive! Life’s been crazy and quite stressful over the last few days due to a sick foster puppy, five other siblings, a new family kitten, and roof trouble. Unfortunately, my current foster puppies are part of a court case, so for the safety of all involved I am unable to share them. On a happier note, the sick pup is starting to heal, and the rest of the craziness is starting to settle down. I will do my best to keep things updated here, and will of course be sharing future litters! Sorry for the rambling post, being exhausted and typing is probably not the best idea, lol. Anyways, I hope you are having a paw-some Halloween!

This is what happens when it rains and you have puppies; mess city!

Before…. And After!