Goodnight From The Babies!

Well, I would say she is done at four boys! Here are a few more photo for tonight; names, individual photos, and many, many more photos of these babies coming tomorrow! I am completely in love with these babies already! I hope you are all prepared for puppy picture overload for the next two plus months!


Just Waiting!

Still waiting, but getting closer. She has begun to pant now, and her nesting becomes more intense all the time. She has spent the night nesting and licking, slept pretty much on top of me the whole night when not nesting, (and yes she was doing that right next to me), lol. Waiting is always the hard part!


Always Closer

Her belly continues to grow, and she has officially started nesting. The puppies get more active in there by the day and are driving her crazy, poor girl! Her appetite and water intake has increased a ton, and she paces the house throughout the day. Things are getting closer, but we could still have another week before they arrive, so we shall see!