Happy 8 Weeks Old!

One week from today Heather and her pups will leave my care and head to rescue, makes my heart hurt just thinking about it I am happy for them, knowing each will soon have their very own home and as they leave, that means I am ready to save more lives, but saying goodbye is so hard; these sweet babies have brought me joy every single day over the last two months, and so many memories I will always hold dear, from helping them into the world, watching them learn to walk, and every adventure along the way! That final goodbye, it rips your heart out, and yet fills it to overflowing. People always ask me, “are you going to miss them?” and the answer is yes, I love my fosters with everything I have, devote countless hours to them, watch them grow up, stay beside them each step of the way. Why do I put myself through this time and again? Because there is always another that needs saved, loved, and healed. Each story is unique, and every adventure just as beautiful as the last, every puppy deserves to be born into a loving home, so I continue on, saving them all, one litter at a time!






Heather’s Happiness

Heather LOVES her walks, as does Anne since she always comes running over to join us. These two are partners in crime, chasing squirrels up trees, and enjoying every smell and sight along the way. Every time Heather knows we are going for a walk, her eyes light up and she turns into a big puppy, bouncing to the door, ready to go!

The face of pure joy!
Anne and Heather watching the world around
Looking for squirrels, lol

Their favorite tree, they almost always see squirrels here, so they always make a stop to check before moving on.

Photo Dump

Been a bit, so I now bring you a ton of random puppy cuteness!

Cosmo pulled the bed out of their crate, and fell asleep on it, I guess he needed it in just the right spot!

Getting there! Good eye contact , just need to wait until I can get a photo them all both sitting and looking at me, lol.
Ash has the sweetest face!

Tired Elder
Comso being a good boy

Elder chilling in one of his favorite spots, on someone’s lap
Getting Linden to hold still for a photo can be quite the chore!

That face though, Ash knows how to work the system!
Love this one, Cosmo and Ash being so good

Elder, Cosmo, and Ash getting ready for a nap
Ash working those puppy eyes!

Cosmo, so much like his momma


Elder chewing on a rope toy

Good sit and eye contact from Elder

Good boy once again!

Ash, love this photo of him! He is such a pretty pup

Linden proudly showing off his toy collection, they insist on taking every toy into one of the crates, lol

Cosmo chewing on one of his favorite toys
Elder, tired and ready to nap, this is how he tells me and it’s adorable!
Pretty Ash, looking so grown up!

I just adore the way they flop!

Cosmo, fast asleep and very happy after a play session

Crate Training

Puppies closed inside their crates patiently waiting to get fed, their calm and eye contact with me while waiting is lovely and I couldn’t be more proud of them! They are all beginning to load into their crates by themselves, doors closed for a minute, opened again, food placed inside, and doors closed again until they are done; extending the time they have to wait to get out before and after eating once they are comfortable is happening in the near future, but overall, very happy with how they are doing so far!BeFunky-collage(2).jpg

Happy 7 Weeks Old!

Quite a few changes noted over this last week. Great improvement in their patience, and therefore understanding of sit and eye contact as well, Ash has always been amazing with meeting eyes even when he was just a few weeks old, the others however have been more slow to learn, but now are sitting by themselves for things much more often, and giving great eye contact. They have also started eating so much better, and now consistently eat all the food in their bowl, they have also made the transition to full dry kibble. Energy level is up and they are much more talkative while playing now, though they are still very chill boys compared to many of my past litters. Their personalities are endearing to say the least, each is so much fun to be around, all are very engaging, outgoing pups and they just love everyone, when anyone new walks into the room, they will attack them with wags and kisses, and I just adorable my morning cuddles!

Heather update since it’s been awhile, and today marks 2 months since I brought her home! Two months ago I was riding home with a terrified, shutdown, and pregnant dog on my lap, who refused food and water for two days because she was so afraid of the world around her; today I am greeted every morning by a happy face and wagging tail, a dog who gleefully bounds to the front door to go for a walk, a dog who peacefully sleeps near me, completely trusting and knowing she is finally safe. She has come such a long way, and I couldn’t be more proud of her!

Heather. Chill as they come and always ready for some pets. Only two things get her excited, going for a walk, and seeing people! She is by far the most quiet, well mannered foster I have had, very easy keeper.

Ash, now the smallest at 5.8lbs. This boy is just a lover, people are his number one! He loves to explore, and or spend some time on a lap.

Cosmo, 6.13lbs. I just love with boy, he is a clown through and through! He is hyper, happy-go-lucky, and completely goofy with the most adorable melty face you have ever seen!
Elder, 5.12lbs. He is still the calmest pup, but has some serious spunk to him when he wants to go, and will not take anyone’s nonsense, he is a very down to earth boy with just a bit of a wild side.
Linden, 6.15lbs. Big, and quite the talker, Linden is a complete goof and just loves to play, explore and run wild everywhere! He has a need to understand the world around him and be involved in every moment of life.