I am happy to say everyone is completely on the mend and out of danger! Saturday was rough with Zera vomiting throughout the day and getting dehydrated, leading to me having to give her Sub-Q fluids, but come Sunday morning, she begin to eat, was wagging her tail and extremely happy to see me along with the other two. No vomiting or diarrhea since Sat, and last night they told me without any doubt they wanted to start eating kibble again, so got a small amount this morning, and so far no problems. It was pretty funny, I was getting the younger ones food prepared and a piece of kibble dropped on the floor, it was gone in seconds with all three older ones diving for it! Zera had been super picky about the bland canned food, and now I can see she was simply wanting to start back on her normal food again. All are playful, active, and normal once again, not even tired acting anymore. Glad they made it through, now hopefully I can catch up on some sleep, lol.


The News I Never Wanted…

Took Neo into the vet as he still wasn’t feeling in any better, and just got the news I never wanted to hear, they have Parvo 😭

Amazingly, the younger are showing no signs of it, so for the moment they are being kept separate from the older ones, and we are praying they don’t catch it. The three older ones for sure have it, but we did catch it early on, so hoping we can save them. Supportive care is being given, so we shall see.

Not how I wanted to start my day for sure…

2018 Jan, 14 - Brittani & Hilda - Day 2

Not Feeling Well :-(

My poor babies aren’t feeling so good. Ray was not feeling well last night, wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t even get up when I let the others out to play, and seemed to feel poorly in general, he did eat this morning and seems to be better, but still a bit subdued acting. Roxana refused her meal last night, and both today, so hasn’t eaten anything since about 6pm last night, I have gotten her to eat small amounts of Nutri-Cal to keep her blood sugar up, but she is still acting like she doesn’t feel good and really all she does is sleep. Zera has been acting a bit tired today as well, and while she did eat this morning, she refused her midday feeding, and Neo had bad diarrhea this morning, but at the moment is still eating fine. The only two actually acting normal are Brittani and Hilda. I am suspecting coccidia as another pup from a previous litter acted the same way when she got it, and with these guys being so tiny, it really scares me as the other pup got super sick and thin, and she was at least 10lbs heavier than my current pups. Looks like a vet visit is probably in order unfortunately, really worried for my babies

Here’s An Update…

Long overdue, but here is an update on the pups! I have had the older ones just under three weeks, and the younger for a week as of today, so the older are about 7 weeks, and the younger 5 weeks. The two litters are getting along amazingly, you would never know they weren’t all siblings by watching them, and they are all learning so much from each other, and the older are so gentle with the younger, it is truly a beautiful thing to see!
The older ones are going out to potty 99% of the time, and Hilda, the biggest of the smalls is starting to follow their example, she is able to get in and out easily. The smallest two are now starting to venture out as well. All are working on their leash training now, and the older have been enjoying walks together, they love to explore.
The older have crated feeding all figured out, and the younger, who just started, are quickly catching on; I am so proud of how calm the older are in their crates, they are happy to chill in there after eating, they have come a long way from the puppies who couldn’t deal with any kind of frustration when they first arrived. On a similar note, the younger are now on completely solid food and doing well.
Don’t want to make this too long, so we will end it here, but I couldn’t be more pleased with their progress so far!



Officially introducing…

Brittani, Hilda, and Ray! These sweet babies are so, so tiny and are younger than first thought at no older than 5 weeks. Brittani is the smallest, but so far extremely feisty, Hilda is the biggest, and very playful and active, and Ray is extremely gentle and quiet. Look forward to the weeks ahead. My six are just the cutest!




More Puppies!

So, this just happened! Please welcome our three new fosters, names to be determined. These babies are super tiny just like my current three and appear to be Basset Hound mixes. Their story is almost identical to my others; there are three, 1 boy and 2 girls, they are without their mom way too soon, and they are around 5-6 weeks,. Breaks my heart to see this happen again and again, but I know I can get these darlings fixed up just like their older foster siblings. Here’s to all the more puppy fun and cuteness!