Interesting Morning…

Allie developed rash on her stomach over the last couple days, and after it started getting worse, and Benadryl did nothing for her, she went to the vet to have it looked at. She has had skin problems since we brought her home almost two months ago, but there was very little that could be done while she was nursing since most anti-itch meds will dry up milk. We believe she has some kind of allergies, though at this point it is unclear as to what she might be allergic to. The vet is unsure as to what is causing the problem, but Allie does appear to have developed a secondary bacteria infection, so she is currently on anti-itch meds and antibiotics to hopefully get her healed up. Glad she was done nursing when it happened so she is able to get something to relieve the intense itching. Puppy photos are going to be a bit late today, but I promise they are coming!


Fun Times!

 Fun times with the little ones! First photo of them all manding, (still working on getting them all looking at the same time, lol) they have really caught on with manding in the last week and are doing so well with it now, they all mand to get out to play/eat and when asking for pets. Their new bowls arrived yesterday and I couldn’t be happier with them, they are perfect size and super cute.

Their crate, leash, and harness training is coming along very well, they are all quickly learning to give when pressure is applied to the leash, all are comfortable wearing a harness now, and all are learning to sit and give eye contact to get out of the crate, also working on waiting to exit the crate until given the release word. I have started feeding them crated, I plan on training them to enter a crate on command to be fed, we will see how this goes as I have never tried this before with a litter.

They went out into the front yard for some play today and loved it, I like to take them out there as there are different sights, noises, and items, (such as leaves). They are all tuckered out now. They are becoming more confident by the day, and each pup loves spending individual time with me, they get so excited when they know they are about to go explore, love building such a strong association with new things and a happy excited attitude!

2017 Sep, 3 - First Time Manding - W6D12017 Sep, 5 - Bree with harness - W6D32017 Sep, 5 - Fiona Sleeping - W6D32017 Sep, 5 - New Bowls - W6D3

Memory Monday- So Little

I’ve said it a million times, but I will never cease to be amazed by how quickly puppies grow. Sweet little Windi went from this…

2017 Jul, 22 - Sweet Windi - Delivery Day.JPG

…To this is just six weeks. My babies are growing up so, so fast! From their first breath to goodbye, I am there watching over them, it is such a difficult thing when that final goodbye comes,  such a bittersweet moment! Love my pups with all my heart!104B0393.JPG


This Week’s Plan

The week six plan is the same as week five except for the addition of individual crate training sessions with each pup. This begins at six weeks because this is when they get better focus. They are all doing amazing, their leash training is coming along well and they are going outside to potty consistently. Very happy with their progress, so very proud of them!


6 Weeks Old!

Quick update on Nara, she hasn’t had any problems today. Looks like it may have actually just been the bowls, time will tell for sure, but I am hopeful!

Happy 6 weeks to my puppies. This litter has without a doubt been an adventure, a joyful one though! Haven’t had a chance to write up this week’s plan, so will be posting that tomorrow instead of today. This litter has been super slow to mature, with the two most significant points being that they sleep way more than any other litter at this age, and until the last couple days had pretty much zero focus, this is all okay though since every litter is different. I am happy to say that their ability to focus has improved a ton, just today I got the whole litter manding at the gate to come out to play which was awesome! Their personalities are so special and I love them all, listed on each pup’s photo is what their personality is so far.

Bree: She is independent and active, loves to play and adventure. Her energy comes in short bursts, and she is often one of the first to fall asleep after playing.

Brent: He is determined and goofy, loves to play endlessly and bunny hop everywhere, he will get into anything and everything. He tends to be more of a follower than a leader, and sticks close to his siblings.

Caitie: She is gentle and cautious, a very kind soul who likes her people. In new situations she is cautious and takes time to check them out or waits for one of her siblings to go ahead of her, she is a follower completely. Once she has made sure all is well, she is actually one of the boldest, exploring far and wide and has plenty of feisty moments with tons of energy.

Fiona: She is sweet and people-oriented, loves to be close and is very in tune with all that we do, she is such a good girl and really looks up to people. She is a goofy one, loves to run and play around, lots of energy at times, but cuddly and calm other times.

Nara: She is outgoing and rowdy, boundless energy and always up for play. She is the wild child of the litter, always on the move and the last one to tire out, she is a sweet, goofy girl who always makes me smile.

Windi: She is sweet and laid-back, always happy to get attention and sleep in my lap. From the beginning she has been a super chill pup, she takes life in stride and very little fazes her, she is such a sweetie and loves being with her people.

It’s Back… :(

The believed reaction to a sting that Caitie had a little over a week ago, well it turns out it couldn’t have been a sting, why you may ask? Because her sister, Fiona had the same thing happen, same eye got swollen the night before, then the next morning her ears started to swell. She got an antihistamine shot at the first sign of ear swelling so things didn’t get bad, and she is okay. Then this morning happened… Nara’s eye swelled up, so if it follows the normal path her ears will swell tomorrow morning. After talking with someone who had a dog have a similar reaction, I am suspecting that it might be their food dishes causing problems, they have been eating out of plastic dishes and when those get scratched up, bacteria can get into the cracks no matter how well they are cleaned. The reaction in the pups always seems to start after eating. I have ordered everyone their own stainless steel dish and until those arrive I will be taking them out two at a time to eat since I only have two bigger bowls at the moment. So scary and frustrating, hopefully changing bowls will fix the problem!