Past Fosters

This page is dedicated to all the dogs that have been placed in new homes. These dogs will always have a special place in my heart. ❤️

My very first foster and the one who started it all. This adorable 12 week old Corgi/Chihuahua mix girl entered my life October 15th, 2014. She was sweet and charming to say the least. She only stayed a week, but in that time I became completely in love with fostering.


Sheba was my second foster. She was a 13-14 week old Shiba Inu/Shepherd mix. Sheba was very timid when she first came to me, but opened up and learned to trust before she left. She was as sweet as they come.


My third foster, and my first pregnant one. Dusty was a 2 year old Pit/Lab mix. She delivered 6 beautiful puppies 6 days after she arrived. Dusty is still my favorite foster to date. She was loyal, sweet as can be, and the gentlest soul. She was a wonderful mother to her pups and a great companion to us. I missed her terribly when she left, but she got a great home where she is loved and spoiled. There were many firsts, from helping her deliver her pups, to raising them until adoptable age, and everything in between. It was a wonderful adventure.


And Dusty’s Planes Litter. Each litter has a theme, this one was named after the Disney movie, Planes. These six cuties were a challenge and a joy. I loved every stage, every little thing as they grew up. From their first tail wag at just a week old, to watching them play for the first time, to watching their personalities come through. So, so many memories made with this first litter and every one after.


Blade, (blue pup) & Rip, (Black pup) are both boys. Blade was born first, Rip second. Blade was needy and sweet, Rip was independent and bold.


Ishani, (Sable pup) & Dottie, (Black pup) are both girls. Ishani was born third, Dottie forth. Ishani was sweet and gentle, Dottie was bold and boisterous.


Patch, (Blue pup) & Ranger, (Sable pup), Patch is a girl, Ranger a boy. Patch was born fifth, Ranger born sixth and the last pup. Patch was Outgoing and playful, Ranger was active and needy.

My next foster was a 1 year old Pomeranian we named, Taz. He was nicknamed Taz the Spaz, and boy did it ever fit. He was very high energy, but a total sweetheart as well. Loved him, he was one of a kind.


My 11th foster, and second pregnant foster. She was a little 12lb Dachshund/Beagle mix we named, Missy. 1 week after she arrived, she delivered 7 beautiful puppies. Missy was quite a character. She started out terrified and unsure of everything, but after we gained her trust, the real her came out. Her true personality was spunky, energetic, and very sweet. She was a great little dog, but without a doubt had her own mind and didn’t always agree with what others wanted of her. Even with her unique qualities, she was dear to me.


Missy’s Litter was mostly named after the Peanuts Comics, with a few spring/summer names we loved mixed in. Missy was a great mom and the puppies were so tiny and adorable. The litter brought their own set of challenges, but they were the dearest little ones. Delivering them and watching them grow is an amazing experience!


Roy, (Tan boy) & Daisy, (Piebald girl). Roy was born first, Daisy second. Roy was laid back and super sweet, Daisy was spunky and bold.


Snoopy, (Piebald boy), Charlie, (Tan boy). Snoopy was born third, Charlie fourth. Snoopy was needy and quiet, Charlie was outgoing and playful.


Spike, (darker brindle boy), Violet, (lighter brindle girl), Buzz, (white boy). Spike was born fifth, Violet, sixth, and Buzz seventh and last. Spike was independent and playful, Violet was sweet and energetic, (she was her mother’s clone) Buzz was Boisterous and Spunky, a true character.

Next came Skye, Clover and Summer. These three sisters were 3 month old Shepherd mixes. They came from a bad situation, so when I got them they were terrified of people, filthy, and covered in fleas. It took a while to gain their trust, but once we did, their wonderful personalities came through. They were great little pups and I was so glad to have been able to help them out.


Skye, (black&white) Clover, (Black&Tan) Summer, (Tri-Color). Skye was quiet and laid back, Clover was needy and sweet, Summer was outgoing and energetic.

Next came Sparky, a 2 year old male Chihuahua. Sparky was not planned. The dog shelter was having some remodeling done on their kennels and had to place all dogs that weren’t adopted in foster care, and when I saw Sparky, well I had to help him out. He was sweet, but very independent and high energy.


My 23rd foster, and third pregnant dog. Belle was a 2 year old believed Dogue De Bordeaux/Hound mix. Belle was truly an amazing dog. She was found out in the cold, heavily pregnant and starving. She went through so much in her short life, but never stopped trusting and loving everyone around her. Belle took everything in stride, very little fazed her. She was loving, gentle, and playful. Two and a half weeks after she arrived, so delivered 12 beautiful puppies.


Belle’s Royal Litter was named after Disney Princes and Princesses. Belle was a very devoted mother, always put her puppies first. This litter was a big task for me, and this was without a doubt the most difficult litter I have had yet, but they were such dears and all the stress and worry was %100 worth it!


Ryder and Lance, both boys. Ryder was born first, Lance second. Ryder was rowdy, active, and vocal, (he loved to talk!). Lance was the biggest pup; he was bold, adventurous, and active.


Ariel and Jasmine, both girls. Ariel born third, Jasmine born fourth. Ariel was the smallest pup; she was sweet, loving and quiet, more cautious than her siblings.  Jasmine was sweet, quiet and steady. She had the most soulful eyes I’ve ever seen. Loved her a lot.


Aurora and Giselle, both girls. Aurora was born fifth, Giselle sixth. Aurora was a little bit of everything, she could be quiet and calm one minute and the next she would be playful and feisty. She was a true sweetie though. Giselle was an independent pup and also one of the most rowdy. She was playful, active and affectionate.


King and Natalia, King is a boy, Natalia a girl. King was born seventh, Natalia eighth. King was the fluffiest pup in the litter. He was an easy going, laid back pup who loved his people. Natalia was the wild child, she was vocal, boisterous, and active.


Tiara and Flynn, Tiara is a girl, Flynn a boy. Tiara was born ninth, Flynn tenth. Tiara was the life of the party! She loved to be in the middle of everything. She was sweet, boisterous, and bold. Flynn was the smallest pup in the litter; He was incredibly sweet and very much a people dog. He loved to play and run around, but was never far from your side.


Prince and Spade, both boys. Prince was born eleventh, Spade twelfth and last. Prince was a real stunner with his dark coat and light eyes. He was playful, loving and independent. Spade was loving, playful, and quiet. He was super sweet and would get super adorable when you talked to him.

Next came five, 3 month old Shepherd mix puppies. These five were being held back for an upcoming adoption event, they stayed two weeks. These puppies had a very sad past; The dog warden got called about five puppies running in the road. When the warden got there, the puppies had been collected by their owner, however according to the neighbor who called, they got out constantly and had almost been hit several times. When the warden investigated, they found the whole litter of five large puppies crammed into a tiny pen that was nothing but mud and feces. The warden told the owner they were taking the puppies and the owner didn’t try to stop them. They hadn’t been handled very much and were distrustful of people. They were also scared of everything. When we came to pick them up, they were hiding in the back of their cage at the pound. Thankfully, this story had a great ending, all became happy and healthy and all went to good homes.


Britney: Female


Olivia: Female


Carter: Male


Aiden: Male


Louie: Male

Next came these two adorable four month old Rat Terrier sisters. These girls were found on the side of the road by a homeowner, so likely dumped. They had been well cared for at some point in their lives as they were house trained and mostly well mannered in the house. Only had them for five days, but I loved these two.


Meet Rain! Rain was very active and only stopped moving for attention and sleep. She was such a character with a boisterous personality. She was more independent than her sister and was often found off exploring the world rather than hanging out with people. She loved to be with people however and loved to give tons of kisses and enjoy a snuggle, but it wasn’t long before she’d be off to take on another adventure. Another thing about her is she was very vocal, loved to bark and most anything would set her off, whether it was the neighborhood dogs or an unusual sound, she loved to throw her head back and give out a howl-bark.


Meet Cloud! Cloud was calm with moments of energy mixed in. She was a lot quieter than her sister, her nature was much more calm and relaxed. She didn’t bark very much and most of the time only started because her sister was barking. She was very much a people dog with a strong will to please. She loved to give kisses and snuggle in a lap. I believe once the puppy energy wore off she will be quite the affectionate lap dog. She did like to run and play like any puppy, but once the energy was gone she loved nothing more than a nice warm lap to curl up on.

The day after Rain and Cloud left, I brought home Autumn and her eight, 2 week old puppies. A homeowner found Autumn their doorstep begging for food. Shortly after finding her, her eight puppies were found by the dog warden nearby the homeowner’s property. We were called and picked them up directly. They stayed about two weeks, then went to rescue.


 Meet Autumn! Autumn is to date the sweetest and most needy foster we’ve had. She was my shadow, when I moved she would move. She adored everyone and for sure never met a stranger. She was always nearby begging for another belly rub and she would do anything for one! Her sweet disposition won me over in a second. I couldn’t help but adore this lovely, gentle creature who wanted nothing more than to be loved.

Autumn’s Nature Litter. They were sweet and adorable. We had them at a very important stage in their lives so I was glad that they came to us when they did.


Briar, Female


Buck, Male


Fawn, Female


Fern, Female


Lark, Female


Orion, Male


Rocky, Male


Willow, Female


Seven adorable puppies who stayed with me for a little over one month. They were 5.5 weeks when I brought them home, and they were 11 weeks old when they left. They were held back for the pound’s 2016 Barktoberfest. All but Spice found a home at the event. She stayed with me until she left for rescue the following Monday. They were a joy to have!

Apple, Female. Independent and Spunky, Apple loved to play with her siblings, zoom around the house, and bark just because.

Berry, Male. Active and Sociable, Berry loved to give kisses and play with toys.


Hunter, Male. Sweet and Lively, Hunter loved to cuddle in a lap and explore his world.


Oliver, Male. Engaging and Playful, Oliver loved to be in the center of attention and play with his siblings.


Pumpkin, Male. Calm and Gentle, Pumpkin loved to lay next to you and quietly take in the world around him.


Spice, Female. Sweet and Gentle, Spice loved to be close to her people and to gently play with her siblings.


Woody, Male. Active and Inquisitive, Woody loved to to play, run, and figure out how everything around him worked.


Meet The Virtue Litter! These six, (3 boys, 3 girls) 10-12 week old, Beagle/Min Pin mixes stayed for just over two weeks.Their history is a sad one; They were dumped Thanksgiving day, in the beginning all were timid with people at best, and half feral at worst, Justice was the worst and even after two weeks, he was still very timid. Their story was a happy ending though, all improved leaps and bounds while with me, all the other pups by the time they left were completely normal, happy and loving. They all went on to get great homes where they are now loved and treated like they should be.


Faith, Female. Energetic and Assertive: The saying bright eyed and bushy tailed fit her perfectly. She was super playful and all times silly. Every moment was the perfect time for zoomies or playing tug with her siblings. She had a very determined  and forward personality.


Honor, Male. Timid and Independent: Honor loves to play and run with his siblings. He was most often in the background doing his own thing, but was more timid then most of them and liked to stay with what he knew.


Hope, Female. Loving and Feisty: They say dynamite comes in small packages, and it couldn’t be more true for this, at the time, 4 pound pup.Hope knew her own mind, when she decided upon something, it happened. She adored us and spent most of her time sleeping in our laps. Hope was our favorite, very much our kind of pup.


Joy, Female. Sweet and Energetic. This little pup was happiness itself, she was silly, playful, and will have you laughing at her adorable antics. She lived life to the fullest, every moment was a good time to get crazy. This one always brought a smile to my face!


Justice, Male. Needy and Timid: Justice was half feral when he first arrived, running from us and always sitting in the furthest corner of the room, and while he was still timid when he left, I am happy to say he was no longer terrified of us, he loved to sleep in our laps and play with his siblings. My favorite thing about him was his adorable way of talking to you when he got excited.


Valor, Male. Sweet and Intelligent: He was a people pleaser and loved to work for you, he was smart and easy to train. He loved getting belly rubs and playing with his siblings. He was another favorite.

Meet Cocoa! This girl and her 9, 2.5 week old pups arrived just three days before Christmas. Cocoa, a 4 year old Pitbull mix was found with her pups living under a trailer. Cocoa was independent and active. She had a active mind and high drive, which made her one who needed a lot of walks and mental activity, (thankfully she loved her Kong!). She unfortunately had been someone’s backyard dog for so long, she had no connection to people, and even though I had her for over a month, she never really showed much interest in us, she was sweet in her own way, but not what I would call truly loving. Despite this fact, she was wonderful in other ways, easy going in the house, loved to play in the yard, and always up for a good walk.


And Cocoa’s Christmas Litter, consisting of 5 boys and 4 girls were believed to be Pit/Boxer mixes. Their eyes and ears had just fully opened when we got them. They were 2.5 weeks, (best guess) when they arrived and just over 6.5 weeks when they left.


Comet, Male. Independent, Goofy. He was always doing something silly that made us laugh. He was the life of the party and always playing with his siblings.


Donner, Male. Outgoing and Playful: Donner was a follower and liked to stay close to his siblings or people. He was more than willing to try something new though, just as long as you were close by.


Elden, Male. Sweet and Bold: Elden was very decisive, he knew exactly what he wanted and when he wanted it. He had an active nature and loved to play and romp. He had no fear of new things and often lead the charge into something new.


Forest, Male. Loving and Gentle. Forest was a complete darling and a favorite, he had the sweetest, gentlest nature, always wanting to be in someone’s arms. He was always right at our heels when we moved, very much a people pup and stole our hearts instantly.


North, Male. Laid-Back and Bold: His temperament was quite a combination, he could be completely calm and lazy, and yet at the same time he could be crazy and playful, just depended on his mood. Most of the time though, he was very calm and very much the big dog personality, slept a lot and lazed around.


Frost, Female. Sweet and Playful: Frost was super adorable and cuddly, but also very playful and loved to play tug with her siblings. She had a fun loving and yet gentle nature that made her a joy to be with.


Glory, Female. Loving and Feisty: Glory was the dearest little soul, and our favorite. She was the sweetest little thing, always giving kisses and cuddling. She was gentle and kind, but also very feisty and bold, she loved to play with her siblings and explore.


Holly, Female. Energetic and Playful: Holly was a complete extrovert, always playing, running and exploring. She tended to be more independent than the others, but still loved to hang out with people. Very enjoyable pup that always made me smile.


Noel, Female: Determined and Bold: Noel was the wild child, she had a very determined nature, very rowdy and crazy. She loved to explore and play all the time. She was always the first one up and the last to fall asleep.

Meet Mystic! This girl and her 6, 2-2.5 week old pups arrived into my care at the end of April 2016. Mystic, a 3 year old Pit/Boxer mix came to us after her owner contacted my shelter looking for help with the family; the puppies were starting to get up and around, and the owner realized she didn’t have the time to properly care for, or raise a litter. Mystic was independent and hyper. She had a active mind and high drive, which made her one who needed a lot of walks and mental activity. She was a very intense dog, and since she had been allowed to run loose wherever she wanted, adapting to life as a house dog was hard for her at first, and it took a great deal to keep her energy down, she was one of those dogs who needed to be confined to be truly at rest even when tired. Thankfully, she got a wonderful home after weaning her pups and is very happy, spending her days running around the backyard, going for runs with her family, and relaxing with her people at the end of the day.

2017 May, 9 - Mystic.JPG

And Mystic’s Spring Litter, consisting of 5 boys and 1 girl were believed to be Pit/Boxer/American Bulldog mixes. Their eyes and ears were just opening when we got them. They were about 2 weeks, (best guess) when they arrived and were 9 weeks when they left.


April, Female: Active and Mischievous: April was the only girl, and had the most energy by far! She was the wild child, and much like her mother, was often very rowdy and crazy. She loved to explore and play all the time. She was always the first one up and the last to fall asleep.


Denver, Male: Easy-Going and Stubborn: Denver was a character, plan and simple, always doing something silly that would make you laugh, he tended to be laid back, happy go lucky most of the time, but he had quite the stubborn streak in him for sure and would work until he got what he wanted.


Kirby, Male: Intelligent and Adventurous: Kirby had the gentle giant act down perfectly, the biggest of the litter, he was such a calm, mature individual, seeming to be much wiser than his age. He was highly trainable and always figuring things out, he liked to observe his world and learn from what was going on around him. Every once in a while, that silly puppy side would come through and he would get zoomie, chasing the others all over, but for the most part, he was content to be the regal, mature one of the group.


Max, Male: Loving and Playful: Max was a people pup, he was always so excited to see anyone, and loved chasing you around the room. He was very much a happy go lucky boy, playful and ready for the next game to begin.


Wesley, Male: Gentle and Needy: Wesley was the most cautious of the pups, but a sweetie through and through, always ready for snuggle time and being close to the nearest person, he adored all the attention he could get! He loved to play and romp, but was pretty low energy and was more often than not the first to fall asleep, always on someone’s lap.


Wilton, Male: Sweet and Playful: This boy was an amazing all around good pup, he was a little bit of everything you want; sweet, playful, calm, a snuggle bug, yet not needy. He was well rounded and kind, loving everyone he met and ready for an adventure.

Meet Allie! This 2 year old Basenji mix was taken from a drug house, and shortly after it became clear she was pregnant, at which time she came into my care. After arriving, it quickly became clear she hadn’t had an easy life, she had fear and trust issues, and quite a bit of anxiety. She was fearful, but slowly begin to bond with me over the course of the next week, her puppies arrived a week after she came to me, on July 22nd, 2017. She had an easy whelp, and after some reassurance from me, she took to caring for her six new babies well. She was extremely anxious over them for the first three weeks, wearing herself to the point where she slept almost all the time, but thankfully as time went on, she improved and settled. She had many issues, but at her base, she was a needy, extremely sensitive dog who always looked to people for guidance, she loved to play, and had a lot of energy. She was a great walking partner and snuggle buddy, and was adopted by a wonderful family who is continuing to help her through all of her problems.

2017 Aug, 9 - Allie - W2D4.JPG

Allie’s Celtic Litter was born on July 22nd, 2017. It was my first all night whelping, and needless to say it was exhausting for myself and Allie, but those six healthy, happy, beautiful babies made it all worth it! They were much like their momma in energy, and by far my most active litter, also my longest staying litter, as I had them all the way to 12 weeks old. They were sweet, smart, and such a joy to have.


Windi, Female: Kind and Playful: Windi was such a gentle, sweet soul who adored everyone with her kind eyes. She truly was a little angel and such a good girl at all times. When not cuddling with people, she was off playing with her siblings, or quietly chewing on a toy.


Caitie, Female: Sweet and Cautious: Caitie unfortunately inherited her mother’s fearfulness and was quite timid at times. She needed lots of reassurance, and looked to people for guidance, always following your lead, or that of her siblings. Though cautious, she didn’t let it hold her back, she still loved everyone she met, and was up for an adventure as long as she was able to follow the others.


Nara, Female: Hyper and Talkative: 100%, Nara was a character, and would always have you laughing with her crazy antics! She got her mother’s energy, always on the move and ready to jump head first into everything possible, she as a complete wild child. She was so goofy and loved to talk to you in this adorable bark-growl, wanting to be understood.


Brent, Male: Fearless and Goofy: Being the only boy, he was far outnumbered by his sisters, but he didn’t let that slow him down! Always on the move, off on some quest to find everything new, he loved to explore and play. His goofy, happy go lucky nature was very enduring and always made me laugh.


Fiona, Female: Loving and Feisty: Sweet as pie, this girl was a complete people pup, and her little tail never stopped moving! She was extremely outgoing, loved everything, and never met a stranger. She was hyper and playful, yet so sweet, soft, and the biggest lap dog! She was my favorite for sure, and I loved her personality so much, it was perfect.


Bree, Female: Sensitive and Playful: Bree was the ultimate lap pup, and loved people more than anything else! She always wanted to be touching you, and would beg for snuggles all the time. She loved to play with her siblings, but when nap time came, your lap would be her sleeping spot.

Meet the New Years Litter, and Brittani, Hilda, Ray! The New Years litter, as you may have guessed, arrived New Years day, and consisted of two girls, Roxana and Zera, and one boy, Neo and they were Corgi mixes, with probably Shepherd in there somewhere. These three pups were found living under a shed when they were right about four weeks old, no momma ever returned. They were completely feral when first caught, having never seen a human before, but thankfully for them, being young and receiving kind attention brought them around quickly. The second litter, also consisting of two girls and a boy, arrived just over two weeks after the first came into our home, about four weeks old and with no mother, they had been found outside in the cold alone, probably dumped. These two litters were introduced, being similar ages at the time, and quickly became one big happy family! Difficult times struck when the older three came down with Parvo, but all pulled through and the younger were never affected.

2018 Jan, 18 - Roxana Sitting - Day 18.JPG

Roxana, Female: Sweet and Feisty: This girl was as sweet as they come, loving lap time, snuggling with everyone in sight, and putting those puppy eyes and wagging butt on whenever she saw you, she adored people more than anything else! She was very adventurous and hyper, ruling the roost. She was a doll, with a wonderful nature.

2018 Jan, 18 - Neo Sitting - Day 18.JPG

Neo, Male: Playful and Talkative: This boy was the calmest of the pups, but still had a real need to play, and boy was he ever vocal! He loved to talk to you, ready to tell you about everything whenever he first saw you or got excited. He was the biggest of the litter, and very much a gentle giant in personality.

2018 Jan, 18 - Zera Sitting - Day 18.JPG

Zera, Female: Active and Playful: She looked like a Lab, and had the personality to match! Happy to see everyone, hyper, and ready to have fun at all times, Zera was a lively, happy go lucky pup. She was the most independent of the group, and would probably have played all day long if she had enough energy for it.

2018 Jan, 31 - Britt.jpg

Brittani, Female: Sweet and Feisty: Much like her foster sister Roxana, Brittani loved her people, and always had a tail wagging whenever people were near, she loved to follow everyone around the house, and always wanted to be close. She may have been the smallest, but she was able to boss all of them around to her liking, her zest for life, and her endearing sweetness would win anyone over!

2018 Jan, 31 - Hilda Sitting.JPG

Hilda, Female: Playful and Determined: Very much Basset Hound in personality, Hilda loved to play on her own terms, and liked to amble through life rather than run, she adored people and was such a sweet, good girl. Like most dogs of the breed, she had a stubborn streak running through her, and if she didn’t want to do it, good luck trying to make her! She was such a character, and I loved her for it!

2018 Jan, 31 - Ray Manding.JPG

Ray, Male: Needy and Cautious: Ray was the most timid out of all the pups, very gentle and kind in nature and attached at the hip to anyone he could find, he would follow you around the room until you either sat down so he could crawl into your lap, or picked him up so he could be held, he was always right there, wanting your attention. He slept almost constantly and didn’t like it when his siblings got rough with him, most of his time was spent laying on a lap and giving kisses.

And that is it for the moment. Hope you have enjoyed reading through these. 🙂