Been working on crate training with Heather, and yesterday she went to her bowl, which sits a short distance from her crate, picked up a mouth full of food, walked into the crate and only then did she start eating, from there I moved her food bowl into the crate and she happily ate all the food. I was so proud of her! A week ago, I couldn’t even get her into the crate without a ton of coaxing due to her fear of it. By the time she actually starts using a crate, I am confident she will love being in it which is the goal behind my early introduction.

The puppies are doing amazing and their eyes and ears will be opening any moment now, then the real work begins, sound and sight introductions! Can’t wait, but loving every moment of little puppy snuggles and puppy breath, oh yes I am loving it all! They wag their tails, bark, growl, and I swear I have seen them trying to gum on each other. This 2-4 week stage is just too adorable, I love watching them toddle around all over. Anyways, puppy photos! Enjoy!


One Week!

Happy 1 week old! Growing, and getting more active by the day! This week the pups have received lots of gentle handling and cuddles; they got their first nail trim and will be getting another shortly. They are beginning to crawl around, and vocalize more, they wag their little tails while eating, and they couldn’t be cuter! Love my little babies, and can’t wait to watch them grow over the next couple months.





Pile O’ Puppies

The pups got their first nail trim, and Heather got her nails cut back a bit more, she is the best dog with nail trimming, so patient with the whole thing. She is starting to learn how to walk on leash, and has become much more willing to explore since the puppies arrived, she enjoys getting outside in the front yard on leash. House training is still a work in progress, but she is getting the hang of it, and does always try to get outside, so the basic understanding is there now. She is such a good girl, and by far the most quiet and low energy dog I have fostered, I have yet to hear her bark and she prefers to hang out in the house with people rather than explore outside.

The puppies are doing great! I regularly pick them all up and put them on my lap, and they really love it, they will also crawl over by me and fall asleep when I sit with them. So far, Linden is the most noisy, Cosmo is the strongest, Ash if the most feisty, and Elder is the calmest. They are adorable, and I just love watching, and cuddling with them!

I have a pile O’ puppies, life couldn’t be better!

Happy Puppies!

All doing well this morning! By far, Heather is the most relaxed momma I have ever had, she was wandering around the house the morning after they were born, and today she has been wandering around the house, or going outside to explore pretty much every time they are done eating, she is a great mom, just has a very easy going style about her.

The puppies are doing great, all are crawling around, eating like crazy, making adorable noises, and have started wagging their tails when they nurse. Cosmo is currently the most active of the group; he has some strong little legs on him! They have started coming over to me and resting on my hands, and it is too adorable!

And here is the first of the photos, more coming later today!


Now that I have a good night’s sleep behind me, here’s the rest of the story behind Heather’s labor and delivery, along with officially introducing you to the The Spring Litter, names are on their photos! I am completely in love with these precious boys!

She first started nesting Wednesday at 4:30pm, I slept beside her overnight and her nesting continued to get stronger, she started whining and getting really intense about 10am the next morning, and then continued on and off until she was nesting right about 5:35, a bit of discharge, full contractions, and she had Elder out 3 minutes later at 5:37, she proceeded to have two more just six minutes apart, Ash coming at 5:50, and Cosmo coming at 5:56, making for three babies in just 19mins! Her last born, Linden came 45mins later at 6:41. It was a super easy delivery and all came along quick with some rubbing. In total, she was in 1st stage labor for 26 hours. She is a natural, very gentle and attentive to her pups!

Elder: First born, but also the smallest pup at the moment.
Ash: Second born, and has the most white. It was too funny, as soon as I got him dried off and breathing well, he went right for a teat, latched on and started vigorously pulling; I think he is going to be feisty!
Cosmo: Third born and the lightest of the sables
Linden: Last born, adding a splash of color to his family!