Update Time!

It’s been one day over a week since the pups left for their new homes, and I am happy to say updates on two of them have been rolling in! April and Denver are doing wonderfully and I get updates on them almost daily. They are not with the same family, but both homes are amazing, they are fully committed to giving them the life every dog deserves. Their owners are reporting that they are adjusting perfectly to their new environments, and both have slept through the night without a complaint since arriving. Both families are reporting that the pups are house training quickly, and are learning commands and tricks extremely fast, they are always telling me how smart and well adjusted they are to everything, quite fearless in new circumstances. I am overjoyed to be able to watch them grow up, and look forward to sharing them with all of you as well!

Denver, who is now named, Frank, and his two housemates, Daisy and Barley. As you can tell by the photo, Frank’s friends love him!
April, now named, Roxie. She has a youngster who loves her and plays with her pretty much all day. She is one very happy girl!

Photo Time

The “Wordless Wednesday” part didn’t quite happen, but below is a cute photo for everyone anyway. Just wanted to apologize for the lack of posting over the last few days, I haven’t slept well since the puppies left Sunday, and just in general been having a rough time of it. I feel a bit better today, so I should be back with it from here on. 🙂

2017 June, 8 -Together - w8d2
Taken just a few days before they left.

Eight Weeks Old!

The last weekly photos for most, or all of the puppies has arrived. Happy 8 weeks, my darlings! They have grown big, strong, and healthy, and have learned well. Now it is almost time for them to set out on the next step in their journey, to fill another home with love and happiness. They have grown up so fast, but it has been a joy to watch them do so, they are beautiful pups and going to be amazing dogs!

Their training has been continuing on steadily, and all have been doing amazing with it. I have done all I can to prepare them, they are ready for their new homes. At present I am busy getting everything ready to take them to the event on Sunday, while continuing their training and everything else that needs done. Going to be a busy rest of the week!

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Memory Monday- Once, But No More

I was looking at the pup’s photos earlier today, then ran across this one, goodness how they have grown! They were just over two weeks old here, and all fit in that bucket with room to spare, now fitting even two puppies in there would be a challenge. Seems like just yesterday they were tiny little bundles, and now it is less than a week before we have to say goodbye… Cherish every moment, they grow up in the blink of an eye!

2017 Apr, 28 - Bucket O' Puppies - 2w3d.JPG